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Cherry Blossom 10 Miler – Training Week 1

Well hello there!  I haven’t posted my workouts yet, as they’ve been a few days on, a few days off, which isn’t terribly interesting to read.  But now, I have a written down plan (which you know I like) so hopefully I’ll stick to it!

As I mentioned, I’m training both for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler on April 7, and with the New Triathlete Program through DC Tri Club, goal race of June 2.  I’m trying to combine the two programs.

The DC Tri Club program is, well, not gonna fly.  It includes about 2 hours of exercise for the whole week, 4 days worth.  That’s just not going to cut it for me to actually get ready for a running race, or to survive a triathlon.  So Instead, I’ve turned to Conor, a Tri vet to help me formulate my plan.  It’s still in the works, and I’ll post it when I finish, but as of this week, here’s what we got.

Monday:  Off (I ran Saturday and swam Sunday)

Tuesday:  Run – Build pace for 5 miles

I did the Back on Pointe daily workout, which included jumping jacks, squats, tricep dips, crunches, lunges and leg lifts, plus some wall push ups.  I love using these work outs as short warm ups to get all the muscles in the body moving and ready to go.  This is integral before 6am 😉

Then I just settled in for a long-ish run, with the goal of 4, maybe 5.   I gradually increased the speed by mile, going 6.0 for the first, 6.1 second, 6.2 third, and 6.3 for fourth plus a half mile (I forgot to switch), with the last half mile being at 6.4mph.

I had to take a bathroom break about 2.5 miles in, but felt mostly pretty good.  The 5th mile was tough though, my legs felt super heavy.  Overall not a bad workout.

Wednesday:  Run: 3×1 mile with strength intervals in between

Started with Back on Pointe again: jumping jacks, tricep dips, crunches and obliques.  I omitted some of the ab work, mainly because I felt fat (had approximately 6 pounds of pretzels yesterday, straight up wheat all in my belly!) so I wasn’t feeling focusing on that area!  But, I incorporated the warm up with my own strength intervals:

  • 10 frog jumps
  • 10 squats
  • 10 fast squats (not locking knees in between for continuous muscle tension)
  • 16 jumping lunges
  • Alternate between: 15 leg lifts and 15 side leg lifts OR 20 calf raises in 3 positions (forward, toes in, toes out)

I did this interval before I started, and between each mile.  I used the stupid incline treadmill (you know one of those old ones that pretend to be flat and are really about 1.5%) so I have to admit the miles were pretty tough.

Disclaimer:  I use another treadmill, different brand, in my building and do not delude myself to think it’s inclined so I swear I’m not biased here!

Thursday: Spin class

Whoa crazy Hill Workout!!!  She was like and increase resistance. Increase.  Now sit.  But don’t let resistance off. FASTER! Ahh?!  Great workout though.  She super kicked my butt.  Literally.

The workout consisted of mostly climbs, getting out of the saddle, then maintaining resistance and sitting back down.  She also did a couple songs worth of sprint intervals.  By the end I was dying, but well worth it!

Friday: Run – Yasso 800’s – 5 miles

Return of the Yasso!  Check out my explanation about them here.  Essentially though, They’re just a series of 800 meter sets, as fast as you can go for that distance, followed by a brief walk to recoup.  So that breaks down to .50mi run, .15-.20 walk (depending on how long the treadmill takes to change speed), 10 times.  Buuut, I don’t usually have time for 10 so I usually do 8.

Since I haven’t done them in a while, I tried to ease myself in to find the right speed.

I started the first at 6.7, too slow for a speed workout but I didn’t want to go out to hard and not finish.  2nd set was 7.0, third 7.3, fourth and fifth 7.5.  Feeling confident, I did the sixth and seventh at 7.7, and last and final at 8.0.   Man was that killer!  The 7.5/7.7 range should be about where I’m doing these, or 8/7:50 minutes per mile.

But, I think it was a good way to ease in and see where I should be.  The great thing is you rack up mileage in short spurts, and by the end you have over 5 miles!  Technically I got to 5.3, but because of the walking and the treadmill lag, we’re gonna round down to 5 miles 🙂

Saturday:  Let myself sleep in – Rest day!  Except that I was at work all day…

Sunday: LSD run –  6 miles

I kept the pace near 10min/mile, though I sped it up a smidge at the end.  I had to step off a couple times, and my legs and lungs were not happy by the end.  Happy to start getting respectable distances in though!

Update to Come:

I finally buckled down and got biking gear.  My tush area really just wasn’t pleased with me.  I got biking shorts, shoes, cleats and pedals, I’ll post more specifics soon…ish. 🙂

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Aaaaaand we’re back…on the working out track that is!

As you may have noticed, there’s been far more “rewards” than “running” related posts as of late.  So, after a little over a month of work out apathy and few workouts, I’ve resolved to get back on track this week.  When I don’t work out, I eat way worse (I know, that doesn’t make sense), sleep worse, and feel overall lethargy.  Work has finally calmed down a bit, so no more excuses!

Monday:  Easing in.  15 min on the Elliptical; 3 miles on the treadmill, alternating between a jog and a run every 45-60 seconds, with a few rests in between; 1 mile on the Rowing machine.

Tuesday: 15 min Elliptical; 3 x 1 mile on treadmill with plyometric and strength training in between.  Before running and then in between each mile, I did:

10xfrog jumps (start from lowest squat and jump to fully extend), 10 slow squats, 10 fast squats, 16 alternating jumping lunges,  20×3 sets of calf raises (toes facing forward, outward and inward to get all the calf muscles), and finish with 20 on each leg of leg lifts to the back.

Not a terribly strenuous workout compared to my old self, but still trying to get back my work out mo jo!

Wednesday: Off (recover from staying up late to watch the debate!)

Thursday: Spin class

Far better experience than the last time I attempted a class.  Although I’m not particularly sold by Spin, I did enjoy this class.  The instructor is SO important.  This morning, the teacher was upbeat and energetic, and picked really fun music.  She would say to try to stay on beat with each revolution, and it really helped!

She spiced it up with speed workouts, hill workouts, and down time.  She was really clear on when to increase resistance, lean forward, get into aero, or get out of the saddle, and explained the purpose of each.   Each song had a different type of work out, which is really important for me because I tend to get pretty bored.  Definitely glad I went!  Even if it did start at 5:45am, which is early even for me.  Why are Spinners such early birds!?

Friday: Swim

It felt nice to be back in the pool.  Other than one swim earlier in the month, it had been probably at least 6 months since I swam.  Part of the reason is I tend to only swim when I need to wash my hair…Yeah, that’s silly.  Mainly because I don’t wash my hair everyday (it dries out), so it makes planning a touch more complicated.  And when I’m training for a running race, swimming just kinda gets knocked out.

Anyhoo, Friday morning I set out to make it to the gym by 5:45, because past experience has been people tend to swim between the :45s, meaning if you get there at 6 (like I normally do) you’re screwed.  I did 10x100m.  I did 5 intervals, then 100m with the kickboard (alternating at the 25m mark between freestyle nd breast stroke kick) then another 5 intervals.  For each, I actually did the 5th interval at 200m.  After all 10 I did another round with the kickboard, took a break, then did 300m straight to finish.  All told about a mile swimming (1700m if you count the kick board).  Nice way to end the work week!

Saturday:  35 min jog.  Busy day, but I wanted to just get something in before I went about my business.  It was actually a solid run, felt the strongest I have in a while!

Sunday:  Off – went to an amusement park and walked around for 5 hours, that should count!  Though it was counteracted by the funnel cake… mmmm.

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New Bike and Rejuvenation week!

Hello all!

Since my half marathon, my health mojo has waned.  Work has been pretty crazy, and for many reasons, I haven’t been consistently working out.  Just a couple random runs here and there.  Add to that eating fairly poorly and we have a bad combo.

So, this week, the goal is to set forth on making some changes and getting back on track.

Sunday, I started off with a fresh juice from Robeks, made only of: kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, and a whole apple.  Super yummy, with the apple adding just enough sweetness, plus nutrient packed.

Then, I set off on a bike ride with my new bike!  What bike you may ask? I bought a road bike last weekend!  I’ve been thinking about getting one for a while, and figured the end of biking/triathlon season would find people selling their bikes in favor of upgrading.  I wound up getting a Felt ZW100 from a girl who was selling her 2 year old bike to upgrade.  The reviews were great for this bike, and it’s especially known as a great starter bike.  Perfect!  I’m so burnt out on running, I hope biking will allow me to spice it up a bit and get back to actually enjoying exercise.

Here she is!  So pretty 🙂

The bike ride:  Went about 18+ miles along W&OD trail. Biked from Shirlington up to Gallows road, took a brief snack break and headed back.  It’s a much more fun trail to bike than run, for sure!  The gentle undulation on a bike is entertaining while briefly challenging; running: it’s rather annoying and difficult.  All in all, I’m pretty excited for my new bike, and have high hopes!  Not too bad for first serious ride 😉


Sunday afternoon I set about making some Pumpkin Chili, borrowed from, a great website for vegan and vegetarian recipes.  With the sudden arrival of fall, a nice warm chili sounded perfect!  Plus, with a big batch, hopefully I can keep it healthy all week.  The chili itself is protein and fiber packed, along with the added benefits of pumpkin, as elaborated here.

Kinda awesome that these random cans can turn into a fabulous chili 🙂

Pretty simple recipe, just onion, garlic, kidney beans, corn, canned tomatoes, pumpkin puree and vegetable broth.  Start by sauteing the onion and garlic, then adding in the veggie broth, tomatoes and pumpkin, followed by the rest of the ingredients, and letting it simmer for 45 minutes.  So excited to try it!  Last time I made chili, it was more of a bean soup.  Great flavor, but lacking the texture of a true chili.  This time, much more hearty.  Thank you pumpkin 🙂

I also whipped up some no-bake granola bars, for breakfast during the week.  I love starting my day with some sort of bar, I’m a sucker for them.  Problem is many of the bars you get in the grocery store have tons of chemicals and preservatives and nasty stuff.  Doesn’t make you feel too great to think about!  As I’ve  previously written about, I love my almond butter bars, but with the chili endeavor, I wanted something simple.

Enter: no-bake peanut butter granola bars.  I’ve been eyeing the recipe for a while, so I figured what better time than now!  Only substitution: agave nectar instead of rice syrup, only because I didn’t have any.  Also, no coconut for me!  I added about 1/8 ts of cinnamon for some warmth, and a touch of ginger to freshen it up.

Close up:  Look at all that yumminess 🙂


The real goal for this week is going to be to STOP SNACKING AT WORK.  I usually am able to eat a fair bit of healthy foods.  Problem is, I also eat a ton of bad things.  Candy jars at my work are plentiful…as is my intake.  Add on to that my unhealthy addiction to salty crunchy things, and we have a problem.  I can’t seme to stop myself 😦  I get home from work, and am often not hungry but feel like I need some nutrients, something healthy for dinner.  This is no bueno.

SO.  Small steps.  This week, the goal is to allow myself an after lunch treat, but no more.  And in the afternoon when I reaaaaaally want some chips, I bought carrots and hummus instead.  For the in between times: trying to implement the gum trick.  I’ll let you know how it goes, but lately I’ve been feeling so lethargic and unhealthy, I hope I can at least make some improvements  🙂

Anyone else have snacking/willpower issues?  I’d love any tips for avoiding the big pitfalls!

Wish me luck 😉

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Half Marathon Training Recap

After a few days of recovery and reflection, I thought it might be interesting to look at my training as a whole, see where I could improve and what I did well.  Here goes!

Weeks of my training program: 16

Total Miles Run: 338 (!)

Workouts scheduled: 60 (4 running workouts per week, not counting taper week)

Workouts completed:  46

Percent:  76

Not counting August – my stats look better: 46 workouts/40 completed = 87%

LSDs skipped:  only 1!  At least something was consistent!  I also made most of my long tempo workouts, the workout that suffered most was hills/speed: out of 15, 5 were skipped.  Oopsie.  Could definitely have to do with them being on Fridays…and knowing LSD’s and tempo are the most important!


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Wooooooooork it out!

Monday: Recovery day – did some elliptical and rowing, with 3 miles thrown in (1.5 miles, then 1, then .5)

Tuesday: Tempo Interval – 5 miles

2 x 2.5 at 8:30 minute pace.  Felt pretty good today actually!  1 mile total warm up and cool down

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Tempo – 6 miles

8:40 ish pace, wasn’t so bad, but I did throw a bathroom break in there.  1 mile w/u and c/d.  It’s getting harder to get all these miles in before work!!

Friday: Yasso’s x 9

kept them sub 7:30 pace, with .15 walk in between.  Pretty tough, but hey – it’s Friday.  I also have to remind myself that it’s okay my speed isn’t getting faster, it’s not really supposed to at this point.  I do a speed work out every other week, and that’s only to get mileage in.  I’m not trying to PR in a 5 or 10K where speed is key…I just need miles.  And lots of them.  To build endurance.  So cheers to Friday and going easy on yourself 🙂

Saturday:  Off

Sunday: LSD – 10 miles…longest ever!

Felt really good the first 5 miles, didn’t even stop at all! was all downhill, or rather uphill (The train has some false flat decline on the way out, which means incline on the way back :/)  I seriously had to go to the bathroom, and kept having to stop during the 6th mile.  That kinda screwed up my stride, and I can’t say I got it back.  I finished though, only stopping to walk once more on my own accord around 8.75mi and once at 7.1 for a stop light.  Overall, I’m super proud of myself!

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Workout Roundup

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Tempo – 2×2 miles at 8:25 pace

Fairly difficult pace for me to keep for that distance, and I did have to step off a few times, but overall I think I’m making slow gains 🙂

Wednesday: Cross train

Tried to develop my own high intensity, varied circuit workout.  Not to bad, but I’d tweek it next time.  The 1/2 mile intervals made it more of a running workout with some exercises in between.  What I was shooting for was lots of exercises and muscle work, with some running just to keep up the heart rate.  Oh well, still got in 3 miles!

Here was the plan:

  •  1 mile w/u at about 9 min pace
  • 1st circuit
    • 10 burpees
    • 20 Jumping Jacks
    • 10 push ups
      • x 2
  • 1/2 mi at about 8:30 pace
  • 2nd circuit
    • 10 burpees
    • 16 jumping lunges
    • 10 fast squat
    • 10 slow squat
      • x 3
  • 1/2 mi
  • 3rd circuit
    • 10 tricep dips
    • 10 leg lifts
    • 10 x 2 assisted pull ups
      • x 2
  • 1/2 mi
  • 4th circuit
    • 15 x 2 leg lifts, each side
    • 15 x 2 leg lifts, back
    • 20 x 3 calf raises
  • 1/2 mi cool down at 10 min pace

Thursday:  Speed Workout – 6 miles

Yasso’s – did 9 this time.  (800 meters with .15 mi walking in between) Fastest right around 7 min I think…but that wasn’t for the whole thing!  Really tough workout for sure.  Worked my way up from 7.3 mph to 8.0 for the last few.  Total of 5.25 of yasso’s plus .5mi warm up and .25 cool down jog

Friday:  Tempo – 5 miles plus 1 mile w/u and cold down.

Tried to maintiain between 8:40 and 8:30ish pace for the 5 miles, which is still fairly aggressive for me.  I was able to do it, but it was alot tougher than last week when I had an awesome running day.  Maybe it’s because I forgot to take my b12!  Dag nabit.

Saturday:  Off

Sunday: LSD – failed 9 miles. 

Wound up with about 8.2.  The heat was BRUTAL.  I picked a fairly shady bath, and left by 8 am to try and beat the heat.  Unfortunately, the humidity was absolutely stifling from the minute I opened the door.  The 8.2 point was at the end of the trail, at the bottom of a ginormous hill I had already decided to walk up to get back to where I started, thinking I could then run the remaining mileage on a flat.  Thankfully, I was saved by a guardian angel (The Boy), who could feel how hot it was out and saved me from the Hill of Death.  Whew.  Hope it cools down next week!

Note:  This post was delayed because it’s actually a combo of two weeks.  I missed my LSD when I was in Chicago, then had some lack luster workouts last week including a rather poor tempo Friday.  That makes two weeks in a row of those, so I figured I’d combine the posts!


Work it Out :)

Monday: Last week’s delayed LSD

Tuesday: Speedy tempo – 4 x 1 mile

Averaged about 8:23 pace.  The fourth one was especially tough but over all felt pretty good.  Walked about 2 min in between, and had 1 mile cool down for 5 miles total.

Wednesday: Body Pump class – this time the class worked a little more evenly between upper and lower body, so I was pleased with that!  (Instead of the first couple times which were very upper body centric)

Thursday: Tempo – 6 miles with 1 mile warm up and cool down.  Not quite as strong as last week unfortunately, but still got it in!

Friday:   Hills – 5 miles

I actually worked out after work, which is quite shocking if you know me.  I bailed out early (5pm) and just willed myself to go.  I absolutely couldn’t get out of bed in the morning, and knew I couldn’t work out Saturday because I’d be travelling, so it was then or never.  It wasn’t really pleasant (since I’m not used to working out on a non-empty stomach), but I was proud of myself for doing it).  Workout was my typical ladder incline (from 3% to 7% alternating 2 min flat and 2 min incline, up then down).

Saturday: Off, walking around Philly!

Sunday: LSD – 9 miles

Longest I’ve ever run.  I ran along Kelly Drive  on the Schuylkill River Trail in Philly.  A beautiful trail overlooking the river.  It was in the upper 60s when I left, and most of the path was shaded.  Honestly, it was the best outdoor run I’ve had in a while and I am stoked I could accomplish that distance.  The way out conveniently landed me at the Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Art Museum right at the turn around point.  Definitely had to run those! (And by “run” I mean jog so slowly it was almost a walk.  Hey people-I was running 9 other miles!).  The way out was mostly shaded and a slight decline, so by the time I hit the turn around I felt solid.  After taking a picture break, the trip back was harder, and I reaaaaaally had to push the last 2 miles.  The uphill reared it’s ugly head!  All in all though, couldn’t have asked for a better run.  Plus, it made me feel all accomplished when I went to the triathlon!

Check out the run photos 🙂

First, we start with the “take-a-picture-of-the-street-you-parked-on-just-incase-you-forget-pic.” 😀

Then, about a mile in, I saw this spray painted on the trail from a previous race…definitely made me smile and started off the run on a happy note.


Really pretty overpass/tunnel

View of the water and the transition area for the Triathlon:

And…without further adieu, the “Rocky Steps”

View from the top

Just to prove I took the pics 🙂

And a beautiful skyline pic showing a row of international flags in the Parkway Museums District





Weekly Workout Recap

Monday:  LSD – 7 miles

Faster than last week by about 2 minutes…but it was on the treadmill.  Still, felt pretty strong.

Tuesday:   Tempo intervals – 4 miles plus w/u and c/d

Half mile warm up, then 3×10 min at about 8:30 – 8:35 pace. I walked 2 min in between, then finished up with another half mile cool down.  But that was only 4.5 miles so after I rowed for a bit, I did another half mile at 8:25 pace for a nice round 5 miles total.

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Tempo – 5 miles plus w/u and c/d

Goal was to do the 5 miles with minimal stoppage at 8:45 pace…I hit the pace, but with bathroom breaks.  I felt pretty tired, but that’s probably due to muscle relaxers I’m taking at night for a minor injury.  Or I’m just out of shape lol….let’s blame the pills!

Friday:  Hills – 4 miles

Bleh.  I was rather tempted by the spin class this morning, but only because they had snacks lol.

Saturday: Off

Sunday: LSD – 8 miles

Ran outside…it was about 85 degrees.  The first half I felt pretty good, though it was a bit hilly and I couldn’t keep my pace consistent.  On the way back I totally bonked.  Had to stop a few times, ran above 10 min pace and felt like I was dying.  All in all I finished with about a 9:45 pace and survived…so that’s a plus!

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Weekly Workout Roundup

Monday: Off – my body was actually surprisingly sore and tired from the Warrior Dash!

Tuesday: Tempo Interval – 4 miles

3 x 10 minutes at about 8:40 pace, walking 2 min between and cool down of about .7 mi

Wednesday:  Off

Thursday: Tempo – 5 miles

4 miles at 8:30 pace, 1/2 mile warm up and cool down at 10:00 pace

Friday: Sills – 4 miles

2 min intervals, alternating level at 6.5mph and ladder incline (3% up to 7% then back down) at 6.0.  Man oh man.  Hills are no joke!  The good thing about them is you can really feel the strength and toning happening 🙂

Saturday: Cross train – 20 mile bike

Liesurely bike ride – rented bikes and biked down to the Alexandria water front, then relax and read by the water for a couple hours, then back up to DC

Sunday: LSD – 7 mi

Ran outside…it was 87 degrees…and I didn’t bring water.  Not the smartest.  But I still managed a 9:40 pace which I’m happy with at this stage in the game!  Plus it’s important to get the miles in outside, so it was worth it 🙂  Plus, the Boy, pitying my lack of foresight in the water department, bought me one of those cool hand held water bottles to make sure I don’t die during these long runs!  🙂

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Virginia Beach Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon or Bust!

Well kids, it has begun.  The dreaded half marathon training.  I have no delusions…this isn’t going to be that fun.  But, I will be so unbelievably proud crossing that finish line, that I know it will be worth it. 

Here is my tenantive training plan.  I’ve included only the running, as the most important thing for me is to get in the mileage.  It’s my first race, and it’s almost double what I have ever run previously, so mileage is key.  Sundays will be long slow distance, as its typical for most training plans.   Mondays are nice to take off because waking up at 5:20 on a Monday morning just sucks lol.  So, here ya go!  Tuesdays are tempo interval, meaning 3×1 mile at race pace or 2×2 mile etc, increasing mileage.  Wednesdays I plan to do strength training (hopefully the Body Pump Class) and possibly group runs.  Thursdays are tempo – just the distance at race pace.  Fridays I’ll alternate Speed and Hills, unlike my 10K training where I did both each week.  I think tempo is much more important in a long race.  I’m still going to do speed and hills though; speed it good for me because I enjoy the workouts, so it’s a good way to get mileage and hills I view as strength training. I’d also like to more regularly incorporate swimming, perhaps Saturdays.   

**read below for more about my running journey 🙂


Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat Sun Total


  3 mi   4 mi S – 4 mi   6 mi 17


  3 mi   5 mi H – 4 mi   7 mi 19


  4 mi   5 mi S – 5 mi   7 mi 21


  4 mi   6 mi H – 4 mi   8 mi 22


  4 mi   6 mi S – 5 mi   8 mi 23


  5 mi   7 mi H – 5 mi   9 mi 26


  5 mi   6 mi S – 6 mi   9 mi 26


  5 mi   6 mi H – 5 mi   10 mi 26


  6 mi   7 mi S – 6 mi   10 mi 29


  6 mi   7 mi H – 5 mi   11 mi 29


  6 mi   8 mi S – 7 mi   12 mi 33


  5 mi   8mi H – 5 mi   13 mi 31


  5 mi   9 mi S – 7 mi   10 mi 31


  6 mi   8 mi H – 5 mi   11 mi 30


  6 mi    7 mi S – 6 mi   9 mi 28


        5 mi comfort   RACE DAY  

I’d love to inspire even one person to take on this feat.  I’m not a runner by birth, and in truth, I have very little athletic ability.  Growing up, I dabbled in ballet (though I was never all that good until the year I quit – go figure), but never soccer or more traditional sports.  In Middle School, I somehow managed to make the Cheerleading team.  Turns out I was pretty good, making All-Star teams and being captain three times throughout my 7 year career 🙂  Let’s get something clear…CHEERLEADING IS A SPORT.  It’s insanely taxing on the body, requires immense agility, athleticism, and skill.  

That being said, in 10th grade I decided to change it up a bit, and join my school’s Lacrosse team during the Spring Season, aka the 1/4 of the year I wasn’t cheering.  I loved it.  It was fun and interesting and definitely challenging.  I played defense, because as it turns out, despite having a pretty strong shot, I have no killer instinct.  I’d rather give the ball to someone I know will score, rather than chancing it myself.  What also turns out is that what I’m good at is reading people, and preventing them from scoring.  You know what they say, offense wins games, defense wins championships 😉

High school was pretty much the end of my “athletic” career, if you can call it that.  I dabbled in college lacrosse and an adult women’s league, but it was always for fun and I really was never that great.  It’s okay, I’ve accepted it.  Throughout cheerleading and lacrosse, I’ve never been a good runner.  Truth be told, I have terrible lungs.  Everything involving cardio exertion  is difficult for me.  This isn’t an excuse, just what seems to be fact.  Now, exercising certainly helps, but it doesn’t eliminate the problem.  But you know what?  A lot of people have difficulty running.  Most people are not naturally born athletes.  And they get out there, they race!  So I do too.  Everyone has a reason to not run, tons in fact, but all you need is a few reasons to run.  And here are mine:

I run because I want to (in theory lol). I run to stay in shape.  I run because I feel great after.  I run because it gives me tangible goals which I can track and hold myself accountable for.  I run to challenge myself.  And that’s all.  No gold medals here, just a constant goal of self-improvement 🙂

Why do you run?  I’d love to hear how other people stay motivated!

Great quotes (paraphrasing):

You’ll never regret the workouts you do, just the ones you miss!

In the time you spend thinking about running and talking yourself out of it, you could be done!

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