Living a balanced life with lots of creative food, exercise and exploration!


I’m a lawyer who loves to stay active and occupied.  I love to bake, cook and run.  Staying healthy is important to me, but I also think it’s important to reward yourself and enjoy life!

As to fitness, I’m not really an athlete.  I’ve never been a “runner” and I’m not very fast, plus I have problems breathing.  I’ve been running for health for a few years now, but it’s never been easy! 

That being said, I strive to always do my best, try my best not to compare myself to other people, and use races as a way to set goals and have fun.  I actually love running races…not so much the during, but the before and after 🙂  There’s nothing quite like the vibe on race morning, especially fun themed ones (All-time fav: Jingle all the Way 10K in DC).  I know a lot of blogs out there are kinda intimidating, with super fit, naturally gifted people talking about how slow it is to run 7 min miles.  7 minute miles?!?  I’d be sooo happy with that! Well, that’s what goals are for 🙂  And hopefully, other people will enjoy the writing and appreciate any tips I can offer for normal people and my attitude to do my best.

Foodwise, I’m a vegetarian.  Mainly for animal cruelty reasons, but after becoming a vegetarian and learning more about the health values, the knowledge has become reinforcing.  Add onto the health and moral reasons the environmental ones, and I can’t really see any reason to doubt my decision.  
Being a vegetarian, for me at least, hasn’t been nearly as hard as I expected.  I’ve actually felt liberated by the options available.  With so many types of proteins and other nutrients, every recipe is a fun new world.  I also keep my house mostly vegan.  I don’t usually keep any sort of dairy or eggs in my house, and have increasingly been cooking vegan meals.  Vegan baking is so much fun, not to mention tasty!  I usually just maintain a vegetarian diet when I go out though, which is something I’m working on but is admittedly harder to do .

Professionally, I’m a lawyer.  The blog username of “glassesoffash” refers back to the affectionate moniker given to me relating to my courtroom self: “glasses on Ashley.”   Note: I’m near sighted, and I wear glasses in court.  I’m pretty tough in court, I wouldn’t mess with me 😉  When I’m not in court though, I’m much more relaxed and enjoy many other things in life outside the law, hence the name for this blog 🙂


2 responses to “About

  1. Dani says:

    LOVE that you’re blogging…now you have to get on Pinterest so you can share all of this and get more traffic!! DO IT ASH!

  2. Yosef says:

    I’ve heard you want to be vegan but you can’t give up Junior Mints. Is this true?

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