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Welcome Back and Happy New Years!

on January 3, 2014

I’ve been noticeably absent the last, oh year or so!  Sorry about that.  I felt a little burnt out on the blogging this time last year, and also felt the quality had gone down a little in my content. 

I’d really like to get back in it though!  With this new year comes a great deal of new aspirations and excitement.  First and foremost, I need to get back on a healthy track.  Much to my chagrin, I’m joining the masses with this nutrition trend!  But, for good reasons. 

2013 was a wonderful year for a lot of reasons.  I got engaged, moved in with my soon to be husband (<3 <3), went to Spain, made time for friends and family, and embarked on wedding planning.  Unfortunately, for a lot of other reasons, it was not a terribly healthy year for me.  I really let 2013 get away from me.  While I kept up running a bit (average about 2-3 days a week with some sporadic breaks for injury/sickness/laziness), it was not in a competitive way at all, and in fact I didn’t have one race the whole year…eesh. 

Probably more importantly, I let my nutrition completely fall by the wayside.  I’m still a vegetarian, but not a healthy one :/  LOTS of chocolate, snacking, big portions, and not nearly as many veggies as I used to get.  I didn’t cook lunches for myself as much as I did before either, so there was a fair bit more eating out (also not healthy for the budget!).  With the lack of nutrition came a gain in weight, not a huge amount, but still probably a solid 8-10 pounds of not good weight, accompanied by a loss of muscle from the lack of working out (#euphemismforfatgain).  I tried to get remotivated many times, but other than those runs and the occasional gym class, it wasn’t terribly successful.  Plus, with the added weight and lowered fitness, the running was exceedingly hard.  4 miles is my standard go to, and considering I trained for a half marathon less than a year and a half ago, that’s not terribly impressive.

Reasons why?  Well, lots of excuses.  Right around the time I got engaged (March), I started a new schedule at work.  This schedule is exceedingly more stressful, emotionally taxing, and draining than previous schedules I’ve had.  Perhaps because of the added stress, while at work I would raid cookie and candy jars with reckless abandon. I would come home virtually every night, and feel like a complete zombie.  I was sleeping more (mainly because of the lack of consistent 5:30am workout wake up calls!) but still felt exhausted and tired every day (dangerous combo of bad nutrition with stress).  I couldn’t drag myself out of bed, and starting the day already tired led to bad food choices, and the cycle just kept going. 

Add onto the work stress was wedding planning.  Endless vendor visits on weekends, and every spare moment at work spent researching and researching some more.  So many phone calls and charts!  While my fiancé has been super supportive and accompanies me to all the vendors, he can’t make phone calls at work and his internet access is pretty restricted so I was mostly on my own in the research and planning department.  Still, much of the excitement of the pending nuptials was dulled for me by the stress of planning the wedding while things at work were already so stressful.  Hard to see the forest through the trees as they say!

Thankfully, I’ve reached a turning point!  Towards the end of December, things at work finally calmed down (partially due to the holidays and partially do to finally being used to the schedule).  After a flurry of wedding work, we’re done with the big stuff.  We still have a lot of details, but mostly fun stuff we can do in our spare time.  I’ve finally been able to take a step back, and get excited for the wedding!  And being married to this wonderful man <3, and the wonderful times we have ahead.

With all that said, I’m sick of how I’ve been feeling and am determined to get back on the right track 🙂  <plus, the thought of fitting into the wedding dress helps on the motivation front!>  So what are my “resolutions” you may ask?  Here we go!

  1. More positive attitude generally Now, this is often a goal of mine.  I tend to be impatient…to put it mildly.  And I also tend to complain a lot, especially when I’m stressed.  Every year I try to get a little better, and while 2013 started off well, I’m sad to say I fell off that wagon pretty quickly.
  2. Fix my nutrition.  I’m not going on a diet, I’m trying to get back to a general state of healthfulness.  I’m going to go mostly vegan at least in these beginning stages.  The cheese and chocolate just has to go.  I’m sure this will greatly increase my energy and make me feel more balanced, which will help me with….
  3. Improve fitness I would like to start racing again.  It keeps me motivated and I also enjoy racing.  In the beginning of the year I’m going to focus on toning up (ahem wedding ahem) using muscle training and high intensity workouts.  Once I’ve lost some weight and gained some muscle, I want to return back to cardio land.  I want to compete in a triathlon.  If you remember, I tried this last year.  Can’t say I was terribly successful in that I had to change the Cherry Blossom into a 5K and never got terribly far in triathlon training.  But, I know I can do it.  Running has never been my forte, and triathlon could be a fun experience.  I’m a decent swimmer, and as my fiancé informs me, apparently have a good build for biking.  He has high hopes for my biking abilities! So, why not!  This probably wont come until late summer/early fall, but it’s on the horizon 🙂

So, there you have it.  I hope to update you all soon with more specifics and a training plan.  Otherwise, Happy New Year!  Anyone else have resolutions they’d like to share??


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