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Blog Updates and New Training plans

on January 14, 2013

Well Hello there!  After a blog hiatus, I’m deciding to try and give it a go again.  A mixture of workout apathy and not much by way of time to post led to a long lull here at Running With Rewards.  I’ve considering throwing in the towel, but hopefully with new motivation will come new inspiration for posting!

First, let’s talk about workout motivation.

After my half marathon, I let my work schedule get the better of me (*cough cough excuse cough cough*) and worked out sporadically at best.  I’d go more time than I’d like to admit without any specific exercise, and sporadic weeks where I’d work out 3 days in a row…only to give up for another long stretch.

Running’s just not cutting it for me.  I’ve never liked it terribly much, and I just can’t seem to get out of bed for it anymore.  So, Enter my new motivators:

Motivator A:  Cherry Blossom 10 Miler – April 7, 2013.   As some of you know, it’s a lottery admission.  I registered last year and didn’t get in, so I thought I’d try again.  And I got in.

Then I thought, “Crap…I have to run 10 miles!”  Eesh.  Considering we’re back to the point where 3 is hard, it’s gonna be an uphill battle.  BUT…I’ve heard it’s an amazing race.  Absolutely beautiful and crowded enough that you get carried through.

Pictures courtesy of Google Images:

Ooooo, Aaaaah.

cherry 3 cherry 2

Plus, I signed up for the online training program, beginning January 28 which will provide a concrete, 10 week training schedule.  I’m hoping to build up a little base before then, and then jump full speed into the program!  Heaven’s knows I like rules and schedules, so I think it’ll be good for me.

cherry blossom

Motivator B:  I joined DC Triathlon club, in order to participate in their New Triathlete Program (NTP).  DC Tri is suuuuper popular around here, boasting I think they said 1300 members.  Conor has been a member for a little while now, though not overly active in the club itself.  But, as a veteran triathlon watcher, I’ve seen them around as well.  They always seem to be supporting each other and just having fun.

dc tri

So, when he suggested I try their program, my first reaction was “Um, no.”  Second reaction was, “that’s cute honey, but no. Triathlete I am not.”  About a month later though, once he had given up on asking, I had still been thinking about it.  I figured, maybe I’ll just go to the info session and see what it’s all about.  After all, I like training and I bought a bike last year sooo, what’s the harm in just going?

Side Note: Remember my bike?

Felt ZW Series ZW100 Womens Road Bike 2010

It’s worked out really well…except I haven’t gotten to use it terribly much because it’s been cold.  I bought it really for the Spring anyway (it’s just cheaper in the fall), and I’m excited to really start using it.

I went to the meeting and you know what?  I’m gonna do it!  I signed up this morning and I’m pretty happy about it.  The club members introduced the program as a really supportive and collaborative experience.  Group rides, runs and swims, happy hours and clinics.  I think the group atmosphere will really help get me motivated, and actually make working out fun again.  Worst case?  I spend 6 months getting to know new people and getting healthy, and discover I am not in fact destined to be a triathlete.  Not exactly a loss 🙂

Plus, I’ll get some swag to wear to make me feel hardcore 😉

dc tri 2

Both training programs coincidentally begins January 28.  So, until then, stay tuned!


2 responses to “Blog Updates and New Training plans

  1. Yosef says:

    Yay, so glad you are back blogging. This Conor fellow sounds like a keeper, do cherish him as he is full of great ideas. Best of luck in your fledgling triathlon experience!

  2. […] to return back to cardio land.  I want to compete in a triathlon.  If you remember, I tried this last year.  Can’t say I was terribly successful in that I had to change the Cherry Blossom into a 5K […]

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