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Trip to NYC – Good Eats!

on December 4, 2012

I went to New York a few weeks back to celebrate an anniversary.  We had a great trip, filled with Broadway and Bagels.

First and foremost – the eats!  I stumbled upon an article in my VegNews (awesome magazine btw, tons of great articles plus vegan recipes and insights) that totally peaked my interest.  I can’t find the article, but basically it told the back story of this wonderful vegan restaurant called Candle Cafe in New York City.


The restaurant opened in 1993, after it’s owners – who already owned a health foods store – won the lottery!  They took their winnings and opened one of the first vegan restaurants in NYC.  Thank goodness they won!  Read more about their journey on their website 🙂   They later opened Candle 79, a more upscale restaurant, and then Candle Cafe West with a similar menu to the Upper East side location.

We went to Candle Cafe East, and it was absolutely delightful.  The menu was fabulous, too much to choose from for sure.  Check it out here.  They had some really interesting salads, including the Aztec salad which had BBQ tempeh and spiced pumpkin seeds, and the Living Crunchy Sprout (cool name!).  The entre’s looked just as fabulous, but we had eaten a late lunch so didn’t indulge   Particularly enticing?  Thai Grilled Tofu and Porcini Crusted Seitan.  Also would have loved to try the Seitan dumplings…can’t tell you how cool it is to see tempeh and seitan on the menu, instead of normal restaurants where if there even is a veg option, its tofu.

Anyway, on to what we actually ate!  We started with a delightful lemonade which was a blended frothy light piece of a lemony sweet cloud.  It was SO good.  Can’t even describe how yummy this was, definitely set the stage for the meal.

Fall 2012 012

My partner in crime went for a lentil soup, which had great flavor and was really filling.  On the side was house made bread.  Yum!

Fall 2012 016

I had the BBQ tempeh sandwich with wilted kale and shallot-sage aioli.  The sandwich was awesome.  It was filling and tasty  great textures and really unique flavors.

Fall 2012 018

The close second choice was the Cajun Seitan Sandwich – “Cajun crusted seitan . . . served on toasted foccocia with ancho chili aioli.”  Whoa.  And the tofu club.  These people have sandwiches on lock.

After a truly delectable dinner on the Upper East Side, we headed down to Broadway for a show!

Fall 2012 004

We waited in the TKTS line the afternoon of the show, and while in line we had multiple recommendations for Bring It On: The Musical.  I had never even thought of suggesting this show, but, the reviews were too much to pass up and we scooped up our tickets.

Fall 2012 019

SO glad we did!!  It was an unbelievable show filled with totally legit cheer moves and booming vocals, with some added comic relief.  Wonderfully acted and just a really fun and entertaining show.

Then, lo and behold, we *accidentally* wound up at Lindy’s Cheesecake?  Oopsie!  When we went to NYC last year for New Years Eve, we actually did accidentally stumble upon Lindy’s out in Brooklyn, but this time was slightly less of an accident…

Fall 2012 045

What is Lindy’s you may ask?  Well first off, shame on you for not knowing!  As the child of a New Yorker, I was introduced to NY Cheesecake at a young age…as well as the age old rivalry between Lindy’s and Junior’s.  So I decided it was my personal mission on this trip to settle the debate, once and for all!

I can’t find Lindy’s cheesecake, but maybe that’s because heavenly bodies can’t have a URL.  It was TO DIE FOR.  The cheesecake was creamy and sweet and decadent and succulent and … wow.  SO amazing.  Best cheesecake I’ve ever had.  Seriously.  Man I want some right now…


Phew.  Hard for me to come off that…As to Junior’s?  Tried it the next day.  NOT good.  As in SERIOUSLY not good.  And it cost $10 a slice!  It was dry, crumbly, not at all creamy, and had hardly any flavor.  Boo.  TOTAL win for Lindy’s.  Debate ended.

To work off the cheesecake we took a walk around Rockefeller Center, and saw the famous ice skating rink.  So festive!

Fall 2012 025

And then, at the Lego store nearby, a really cool lego rendition of the icon:

Fall 2012 028

Hard to tell them apart 😉

So what else was on the table? Pizza and Bagels.  Obvi.  Bagels at a Bagel and Bean near Central Park, and they were definitely superior to any DC bagel.  Now, you can get decent bagels in DC for sure, but these are on another level.  Poppy and Cream cheese, of course, because my momma didn’t raise no fool 😉

Fall 2012 029

After a long walk through and all the way around Central Park, we walked through the Columbia University Campus.  Then took the subway from the Upper West Side to the Lower East side, in hopes of finding a Kettle corn vendor which has the best kettle corn on the planet, which we tasted over New Years.  Unfortunately, because of Hurricane Sandy, much of the waterfront area was closed.  We did however find a really cute farmer’s market…with an unbelievable amount of pickle vendors and Kimchi vendors.  Odd, I know.  After walking through we found a hole in the wall Pizza joint, and settled in for our final iconic food group.

Fall 2012 042

Greasy.  Crunchy.  And delicious 😉

Our New York venture came to a close, but not before we got a good glimpse of the New Years Ball, which actually stays up all year but is risen I think on New Years Eve to be dropped for the count down.  You can see it right above the 2012.

Fall 2012 005

Then we had this to come home to:

Fall 2012 046

Such a good welcome home 🙂


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  1. Yosef says:

    Awesome post. Excellent food. Great pictures!

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