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Aaaaaand we’re back…on the working out track that is!

on October 23, 2012

As you may have noticed, there’s been far more “rewards” than “running” related posts as of late.  So, after a little over a month of work out apathy and few workouts, I’ve resolved to get back on track this week.  When I don’t work out, I eat way worse (I know, that doesn’t make sense), sleep worse, and feel overall lethargy.  Work has finally calmed down a bit, so no more excuses!

Monday:  Easing in.  15 min on the Elliptical; 3 miles on the treadmill, alternating between a jog and a run every 45-60 seconds, with a few rests in between; 1 mile on the Rowing machine.

Tuesday: 15 min Elliptical; 3 x 1 mile on treadmill with plyometric and strength training in between.  Before running and then in between each mile, I did:

10xfrog jumps (start from lowest squat and jump to fully extend), 10 slow squats, 10 fast squats, 16 alternating jumping lunges,  20×3 sets of calf raises (toes facing forward, outward and inward to get all the calf muscles), and finish with 20 on each leg of leg lifts to the back.

Not a terribly strenuous workout compared to my old self, but still trying to get back my work out mo jo!

Wednesday: Off (recover from staying up late to watch the debate!)

Thursday: Spin class

Far better experience than the last time I attempted a class.  Although I’m not particularly sold by Spin, I did enjoy this class.  The instructor is SO important.  This morning, the teacher was upbeat and energetic, and picked really fun music.  She would say to try to stay on beat with each revolution, and it really helped!

She spiced it up with speed workouts, hill workouts, and down time.  She was really clear on when to increase resistance, lean forward, get into aero, or get out of the saddle, and explained the purpose of each.   Each song had a different type of work out, which is really important for me because I tend to get pretty bored.  Definitely glad I went!  Even if it did start at 5:45am, which is early even for me.  Why are Spinners such early birds!?

Friday: Swim

It felt nice to be back in the pool.  Other than one swim earlier in the month, it had been probably at least 6 months since I swam.  Part of the reason is I tend to only swim when I need to wash my hair…Yeah, that’s silly.  Mainly because I don’t wash my hair everyday (it dries out), so it makes planning a touch more complicated.  And when I’m training for a running race, swimming just kinda gets knocked out.

Anyhoo, Friday morning I set out to make it to the gym by 5:45, because past experience has been people tend to swim between the :45s, meaning if you get there at 6 (like I normally do) you’re screwed.  I did 10x100m.  I did 5 intervals, then 100m with the kickboard (alternating at the 25m mark between freestyle nd breast stroke kick) then another 5 intervals.  For each, I actually did the 5th interval at 200m.  After all 10 I did another round with the kickboard, took a break, then did 300m straight to finish.  All told about a mile swimming (1700m if you count the kick board).  Nice way to end the work week!

Saturday:  35 min jog.  Busy day, but I wanted to just get something in before I went about my business.  It was actually a solid run, felt the strongest I have in a while!

Sunday:  Off – went to an amusement park and walked around for 5 hours, that should count!  Though it was counteracted by the funnel cake… mmmm.


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