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Product Review: Vegan Purse from Namaste Inc.

on October 8, 2012

Vegan Purse?  If you’re like most people, probably the term vegan only refers to food.  As I recently learned, however, “vegan” can be used to define a multitude of products beyond food, basically meaning a product that is made without harming animals or using animal products in any way.

Cut to my work briefcase/purse just not cutting it.  It wasn’t easily accessible in court, didn’t have enough pockets, and couldn’t fit both my case files and code book.  #sillylawyerproblems lol

Problem is, most really nice briefcases are made of leather.  My mom and I have argued about this before, she thinks the quality is more important than other considerations, and usually that quality is found in leather.

Anyhoo, I came across a deal on Vegan Cuts, a website you’ll find on the right, which is basically a LivingSocial/Groupon type website for vegan products.  I saw one for Namaste, Inc.  I clicked on the link, and immediately fell in love.  GORGEOUS purse, with tons of compartments and pockets, and quite fashionable I might add.  And, all animal friendly with faux leather.  So I *hinted* to my mom that I had found a bag, and she generously offered to buy it for me as a congrats for a semi-promotion at work.  (Yes, I’m still a bit spoiled… 🙂 )  It was a great compromise, because we were able to get quality, but I still felt good about the product on a personal level.

So, we picked one out that we both agreed on, though not so much the color, and waited anxiously for it’s arrival.  I chose “The Monroe” in Eggplant, a dark purple which will match most suits but add a little color.  When it arrived, I was immediately impressed.

Full shot:

I’m really impressed with the purse and the company.  It’s so great to know that I can both be true to myself and views, and be fashionable.  This company seems to really focus on quality and aesthetics.

Get a load of those compartments 😉

As you can see, the purse is divided into three.  The middle is a shorter, and doesn’t zip.  The outside compartments each have a large open pockets to fit my phone in one, and business card holder/work keys.  Plus, a big planner, pens etc.  I’m VERY happy with the purchase 🙂 Off to court!


One response to “Product Review: Vegan Purse from Namaste Inc.

  1. Yosef says:

    Cool Purse. How much money is in it??

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