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Coconut Curry Tempeh Salad

on September 27, 2012

Return of the lunch recipes!

I decided to spice it up a bit this week, inspired by a trip to Harris Teeter and the Alexandria Farmer’s market.  At the market, there were some lovely green beans and a very fall-looking sweet potato that caught my eye.   At Harris Teeter, I explored their vegan/vegetarian section (new store for me!), and found coconut Curry Tempeh.  Hmmm, interesting…

So, I decided to combine all my finds with just some red leaf lettuce for crunch and wa-la, lunch was made 🙂

I prepared each item pretty simply:  I cubed and boiled the sweet potato for about 15-20 minutes, and quickly steamed the green beans.

I seasoned the veggies separately, with seasonings I hoped would compliment the tempeh.  After boiling the sweet potatoes, I seasoned the sweet potatoes with garlic, cumin, cayenne, salt and oregano (healthy shakes of each).  Green beans were a touch different – no cayenne but a little curry instead.

To prepare the tempeh, I sliced the tempeh and coated the pan with Cooking Spray.  I lightly browned the tempeh, careful not to over cook the tempeh and dry it out.

Final product:

And just for good measure, heere’s my SUPER cute new recipe box!  I’m excited about it, a little treat I bought myself (that doesn’t go straight to my waistline!).  I lost my previous one during one of my many moves the past year.  The good news is my old one had a lot of non-veg recipes so it wasn’t a total loss.  Unfortunately, it also had some family recipes I’m now going to have to pester my mom for…her Spaghetti = heaven.  Sorry mom!

Now I have a non-online place to store all these recipes 🙂  Also, the company I bought it from was fabulous.  It’s called Kitchen Conservatory, and they have a wide selection of kitchen goodies.  But more than that, it’s a quality company.

They didn’t have the recipe box I wanted right in stock, and emailed me right away offering to either refund my money, exchange it, or I could wait.  I emailed back asking when mine would be available, and they said 2 weeks.  Well of course I’d wait!  I emailed with the store manager and a sales manager, who were very quick to respond.  They were so responsive and accomodating, just a very pleasant experience.  I’ll definitely be supporting them in the future.  Super excited!


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