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Race Expo and Good Virginia Beach Eats!

on September 20, 2012

Sorry for my VERY long absence, probably the longest since I’ve started blogging!  Things have just been nutso between work and helping the Boy move and lots of other stuff.  But, as promised, here’s some pics from the race expo and some good food finds in VA beach!

Race expo:  The race expo was held in the Virginia Beach Convention Center, and it was HUGE!  I spent the morning relaxing, and then we headed down from the Bay side where we were staying to the beach.  When we walked in, there was a huge display of Rock n’ Roll branded merchandise.  Everything from shirts and shorts to hats to cups, frames, and glasses.  I picked up a super cheesy frame with waves crashing over the emblem…and then promptly bought a race photo, which pretends that I’m all happy lol.  But, at that point, it was over, so I was pretty happy to be done!

Picking up my race shirt:

Thought this was super funny…wish I had an inner Kenyan!

This was pretty cool.  It was the Brooks Heavenly fit (or some such name) display.  Everything was decked out in white and plush decorations, complete with toga-clad technicians analyzing stride, gait and strike for various patrons.  The goal was to get fit for a perfect shoe.  I didn’t try (mainly because the line was so long),  but it was a super cool idea!

Pseudo finish line!  Man I wish that had been my time…

After the expo, we headed over for a nice lunch.  There’s not much vegetarian friendly food to be found on the boardwalk, so I pulled up a website I found earlier in the week.

AWESOME find!  We headed over to Heritage Natural Market Cafe.  It’s a whole foods store with a cafe nestled in the back.  The store itself was amazing, after ordering I wandered around in complete bliss.  Every kind of vegan and vegetarian food you could think of, with more variety than I’ve seen before.  For lunch, I ordered the special of the day, a Tempeh sandwich with Spinach and swiss cheese.  I don’t know what they did to that tempeh, but it was SO tasty.  They went a little overboard with the cheese, but that was an easy fix.  Definitely a good pre-race food: Packed with both protein and fiber.

On the way home, we stopped by Tini’s, a self-serve yogurt spot.  I didn’t want a ton of dairy and sugar in my system, so I tried to keep it *kinda* healthy.  This place was highly recommended by our hosts, and man were they right about this place!  Lots of yogurt choices, but more importantly, a plethora of toppings from fruit to baked goods to cereal and candy.  YUM.  We may have gone here more than once over the weekend…

My choice: Plain tart yogurt with kiwi, strawberry, blueberry, walnuts…and a touch of chocolate for good measure 😉

Post race was tough.  I got pretty sick, as I described later, and my previous dreams of a pancake buffet disappeared.  Instead, we stuck to something simple: a nice whole wheat bagel.  It was spot on.  It made my stomach calm and replenished some much needed energy.  We hit up a place creatively called Beach Bagel Bakery, and set to it.  The Boy ate next door at Boardwalk Fries, a much more festive choice!

After going home, cleaning up and having a much needed nap.  We headed out for dinner before the show.  Dough Boys is a local chain that was pretty heavily promoted by the race.  Knowing there weren’t really other choices down there for me, we decided pizza is always a solid choice.  What’s funny is that it calls itself California Pizza…um. Wrong coast.  Anyway, we split a salad and set to the main course: Pizza!

It was pretty good, felt nice to eat a full meal 🙂

All in all, I’d give VA beach a thumbs up, but not emphatically.  I think with more time perhaps we coulda found some more gems, but definitely have to search for them between the cheesy beachy places!

Special Shout out to, who provided a good map of where to go!  Wish Bombay Paradise had still been open, they made it sound SO delicious.  Still though, thank you 🙂



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