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Half Marathon Training Recap

on September 5, 2012

After a few days of recovery and reflection, I thought it might be interesting to look at my training as a whole, see where I could improve and what I did well.  Here goes!

Weeks of my training program: 16

Total Miles Run: 338 (!)

Workouts scheduled: 60 (4 running workouts per week, not counting taper week)

Workouts completed:  46

Percent:  76

Not counting August – my stats look better: 46 workouts/40 completed = 87%

LSDs skipped:  only 1!  At least something was consistent!  I also made most of my long tempo workouts, the workout that suffered most was hills/speed: out of 15, 5 were skipped.  Oopsie.  Could definitely have to do with them being on Fridays…and knowing LSD’s and tempo are the most important!


Random facts:

Trails used: W, O&D (Falls Church/Vienna), C&O Canal (Georgetown, Foggy Bottom, Tidal Basin), Capital Crescent (Tenleytown, Bethesda, Silver Spring)


  • Most affected:  Feet and toes.  Serious problems here.  Many blisters.  I changed shoes, broke them in, and still long runs just tore me up:/   Also, my shin splint situation made the first couple weeks of August of walking (outside of training) super difficult and running more painful than otherwise woulda been.
  • Minor: knee strains, hip strains

Pat on the back:  Keeping up with the training, even including some lack of motivation weeks, throughout many changes in my life and working way more hours than I anticipated when I signed up for this thing.  I’m proud that I set out a goal, and accomplished it.  I’m also impressed that by the end, a 10 mile run didn’t seem terrible.  Not awesome, but certainly not impossible as it would have been 4 months ago. 8?  Not bad at all.  Hopefully this endurance will help me through to a strong 10K performance coming up.

Better luck next time: Cross training.  Out of 15 weeks of the schedule, I accomplished 6 cross training workouts (3 Body Pump/Boot camp classes, 1 bike ride, and 2 lifting/plyometric workouts).  Also, I think to perform well, I would need to do 5 running workouts a week…probably not possible with my work schedule so if that ever lets up, maybe I’ll do another one 😉


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