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Tapering week, Rock and Roll Half Marathon this weekend!

on August 31, 2012

Alright folks, it’s finally here (almost).  After lots of training, many miles, some burnout but fairly healthy training, it’s time to put it all into my first Half Marathon.  As you may know, I’m running the Virginia Beach Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon this weekend!  I’m actually feeling pretty good about the race.  I’m not really trying for an all-star time (due to my not so awesome training as of late), so that relieves the pressure a bit.  I’m just going to go out there, hopefully survive, and enjoy being on the beach and listening to the bands.  Anddddddd get my bumper sticker, which we all know was the whole reason behind this endeavor!

I’ll post a race recap, as well as a training and final thoughts post in the next week.  As for now, I’m just going to give you all a brief update on my tapering schedule this week.

I didn’t really know how to taper.  I’ve never done a race that actually required it!  In all honesty, I didn’t train that hard in August.  I still wanted to get some miles in this week, probably more mentally than physically.  I know nothing I did this week, or probably even last week, helped my fitness.  My performance will be based on the last 3-4 months of training.  BUT, mentally, I had to make sure I had some miles in me.  So, here it is:

Monday:  off

Tuesday: 4 mile fartlek – just a fun run really.  Varying speeds, just trying to get my legs loose.  Felt pretty strong.

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Tempo (about 9 min pace) 5 miles plus 1 mile warm up and cool down.  Now, this run was against some advice I had gotten.  Most people say to only do a few miles.  I just really felt like I needed a substantial run, one last time, because I had been slacking a bit.  And in all honesty, it went well, and gave me a big mental confidence boost!

Friday: Slow 3 miles.  This was what I like to call a “shake the legs out” run.  No pressure.  Read my magazine on the treadmill in my building, and just slowly warmed up my legs.  I don’t like taking 2 days off in a row (I feel like I lose some fitness when I do), and though again most people recommend it, I thought 3 miles wouldn’t hurt.  And, it’s always a nice way to wake yourself up!

Heading down to the beach late tonight.  Hopefully leave after the legendary and infamously terrible traffic on the I-95 corridor abates a bit.  That way I’ll have all day tomorrow to just relax and be down at the beach!  Packed and ready to go:

After much testing, the outfit was picked:  Loose fitting, wicking shirt with running shorts and back to my light weight Saucony’s for race day.  Plus my “run” charm necklace!  As to nutrition – I doubt I’ll actually need any because they’re providing gatorade and such on the course, and I haven’t really liked any of the things I’ve tried, but I’m bringing some gel incase I need a serious boost, and shot blocks for pre-race (along with my requisite Vitamin B12 tab!).

Can’t leave home without my bandaids (my feet have taken the brunt of the injury, and I expect I’ll probably need about the whole box after the race!) plus some motrin in case I get a bit sore.

Saturday:  Off, but hopefully get a nice walk in along the sand 🙂

Sunday: Race day!!  Recap and final thoughts to come 🙂

Have a great labor day weekend everyone, wish me luck!


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