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Counting down to the big Race!

on August 19, 2012

Monday: Off

Tuesday:  Tempo Interval – 2×2.5mi at about 8:35 pace

Wednesday: 5 miles worth of 2 minute hill repeats.  You can imagine how fun that was!

Thursday:  7 mile tempo plus w/u and c/d for 8 miles total.

Kept the pace between 9:00ish and 9:10.  Really tired waking up for some reason…and tired during the run.  It was definitely as fast as I could go for that distance!  Lately I’ve just felt like my legs weigh about a million pounds.  Plus some minor injuries are creeping up.  I think my body is just exhausted and ready for this race to be over!

Friday: Off

Saturday: LSD – 10 miles.  I just can’t do humidity kids :/ I have problems breathing while I run anyway, and the humidity makes it darn near impossible.  I was scheduled to run 10, but I secretly wanted to do 12…didn’t happen though!  I did 9 outside, then went to the gym to finish out the next 3.  Unfortunately, I think the amount of time it took me to get to the gym and get started was just too much (probably over 10 min).  My muscles cooled down and I just couldn’t get them going again!

Sunday: Super cleaning/cooking/baking day.  Scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom, vacuumed the whole apartment, baked Almond Butter bars (post on that soon!) and cooked tofu and kale for lunch wraps for the week!  Lots of work though…oh Sundays 🙂


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