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on August 16, 2012

BUY THE CD HERE.  Seriously.  I’m gonna and I haven’t bought a CD since like 1997.

As I mentioned last week, I went to see “An Evening with Idina Menzel,” on August 3 with my best friend, Dani, courtesy of my parents as a birthday present.  Both the BF and I are OBSESSED with Idina (hence all the caps) and have been since her Rent days.  We giggled and held hands and squealed with delight the whole evening.

She was AMAZING.  She was lovely and funny, crass and eloquent in her presentation, and her artistry is just beyond words.  I honestly felt like I was just hanging out with Idina on a Friday night.  But with thousands of other strangers.  No big.

The evening opened up with a few upbeat performances from the National Symphony Orchestra, just to warm up your ears.  Then, after a brief intermission (which actually was brief shockingly), SHE came on.

Idina Menzel floated onto the stage with such grace and warmth, I immediately felt at ease.  She was wearing a floor length, flowing blue dress.  Light and summery, with a cut that accented her fantastic figure.  And barefoot, that’s apparently her thing.  She described a time when she attempted to wear some gorgeous and tall heels to a show, and was uncomfortable and tripped the whole night.  From then on she decided, “F that, I’m going barefoot!”  Then she turned to the orchestra, walked by and said “I’m sure the orchestra is so honored to be here with me.  What, did you go to Juliard?  Oops, sorry.”  With sarcasm and wit, the whole crowd was laughing.  Appropriately, the show was very similar to her line up for “Barefoot at the Symphony,” for which I posted the link above.

She glided about the stage singing a mix of original songs and some of her more famous ones.  In between sets, she would tell stories, or eat apples and offer them to the conductor, telling him how important it was to keep up his blood sugar!  So cute.

This is a pic I found showing her just kinda hanging out, barefoot and such!

One of the first songs she played was Dani’s favorite: Don’t Rain on My Parade, originally performed by the legendary…Barbra Streisdand.  Ah!  Gasp.  Dani almost bore a hole in my knee she was so excited!  The song is originally from Funny Girl, a 1975 musical.  The Headline song from the movie has both challenged and titillated singers and audiences for decades.  Many have tried.  Few have succeeded.  Idina, of course, excelled.

Check out this clip, which includes both the story and lead up to the song, just to give you a feel for the whole show!  Click here 🙂  It’s worth the 8 minutes, but if you just want the song, start it at 4:00 🙂

The basic story is that all her life Idina had been singing “The Way We Were” at talent shows and such.  But then she got the call to do “Don’t Rain on My Parade” at the Kennedy Show Honors for Babs.  She of course took it, but was slightly disappointed to not be doing “her” song.  So, cut to sound check for the show, she belts out her song, careful to avoid the “giant gaping hole that Beyonce was going to come out of.”  Later, she approaches Beyonce, asks her what song she was going to sing, and Beyonce excitedly says, “The Way We Were.”  In Idina’s words, “That B*”  Hahaha so fabulous.

Here are links to my other favs, I couldn’t possibly do them justice in writing, and I can’t upload the videos I took on to the blog.

Pretty much my favorite song ever – “Defying Gravity” from Wicked.  This is the song that cemented my love for Idina.  Before, in Rent, I was like okay, she’s pretty darn good.  After I heard this song for the first time, I was like Oh my god.  She is phenomenal.  Enjoy!  The quality isn’t great (basically bootlegged lol) but she is awesome.  AND that’s the dress she wore in our show!

Take me or Leave me video: Click here.  Again not the best quality, but it shows her picking people out of the crowd.  SO cute!  So, she sings the first verse, and then is like “Wait, isn’t this a duet?”  Stops, and gets TWO PEOPLE from the crowd to sing with her.  Unreal.  Just for help, Idina, quietly mouths the words to people.  The people at our show were two probably teenage girls that were actually quite talented in their own right.  It was super fun to watch

She also did “No Day But Today” which was fabulous.  This is a lovely rendition of the really powerful song in Rent about living each day to the fullest and really appreciating life.  I had the words to this song on my facebook for years…may still be!  I should check that…

Anyway, I won’t keep rubbing her fabulousness in everyone’s faces, but I will give a big shout out to YouTube for being the greatest invention ever!

And a BIG thanks to my wonderful parents for the present.  It was so thoughtful and wonderful, and I am very fortunate to have such awesome parents.  Special shout out to my Dad, who was supposed to be my date, but very graciously encouraged me to invite Dani instead.  I would have loved sharing it with him (he loves musicals as well, we’ve seen more than a couple together!)  but it was very sweet 🙂



  1. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful review!! Maybe if the law, chef, and fitness “things” don’t work out, you can be both a writer and critic. Your parents must love you a whole lot!! Thank you, I enjoyed this review, and am now tempted to purchase the CD as well. :))

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