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Change it up workout week!

on August 13, 2012

This week has been a strange one workout wise.  I’ve just lost my mojo!  Basically I can sum it up as “I don’t wanna.”  Yup, nothing more than that! No real injury, not crazy stressed at work.  Just Boo.

So, Tuesday night I headed out for my very first group run.

I finally did one!  I had NO desire to wake up (again), and I decided I would just buckle down and do my workout.  I would use the group as a way to force me to not skip by not doing it in the morning.  Plus, I told people at work I was doing it to keep me accountable!

HOLY HUMIDITY BATMAN!!  We did 4 VERY sweaty, VERY hilly miles.  I was scheduled for 5, but I figure the ridiculous humidity and hills burned the extra calories.

I ran with a group hosted by Potomac River Running, Tyson’s Store.  Their stores all host runs at various times, and offer a warm and welcoming environment for runners of all levels.  It was actually a great experience.  I was immediately greeted by the people working in the store, and the coordinator of the run.  There were about 8 of us, at varying levels.  I managed to stay with the first group the first mile…then the two guys picked up the pace…and I didn’t.  BUT, I finished in 36:18, almost exactly a 9 min per mile pace so I was really happy with that.  I even ran an extra .4 to make sure I got in the full 4 miles.

All in all, it was exactly what I needed to get my mojo back!


My LSD this week was done on Friday because I’m going to a wedding for one of my friends from high school!  It should be fabulous, hanging out with all my friends from highschool (darn near 10 years removed now!) and we’ve all remained pretty close.  Regardless, I would doubt I’ll be in any condition to run 12 miles the day after the wedding.  I gave myself a personal day Friday to pack and just get my life in order.  I headed to the gym to do the 12 miles…it was raining out and given the recent humidity, I thought it was a smart choice.  So, with synchronised swimming on the TV, I set out.

I stopped at 5 miles and 10 miles for bathroom breaks (damn bladder, I drink too much water!), and tried out PowerGel at mile 7.5.  Still not loving the nutrition options.   They’re gooey and leave me really thirsty.  I suppose I need something, but I’ll still spend the next couple weeks trying stuff out 🙂  All in all I’m glad I got it in, even on a treadmill, before I went away for the weekend.

Wound up with my first battle with shin splints…I didn’t even really know what they were!  I pointed out where I was sore (right beneath my knee, to the right of my shin bone, the muscle is super tight), and he’s all, yeah that’s shin splints.  I’m like no, I thought that was the bone…after proceeding to give me a rather legit sounding scientific explanation of why what I was feeling was shin splints, I decided he was likely right.  I imagine it’s due to the combination of the long run and dancing at the wedding.  Ouchie!


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