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Vegan BLT wraps

on August 8, 2012

Well hello there!  Long time no recipe post.  Lucky for you I have a delightful lunch recipe to share 🙂

After my birthday trip to Wegmans, I decided to use my Fakin Bacon Tempeh to make a modified BLT wrap.


  • Whole Wheat tortillas
  • “B” – Smoky Tempeh Strips (aka “Fakin’ Bacon” hehe)
  • “L” – two handfuls of spinach
  • “T” – sliced Roma tomatoes
  • Plus, a little mashed avocado to give it some moisture, sprinkled with a touch of garlic salt

I used these tortillas, I chose them because they were low in calories (50 calories per tortilla) and high in fiber (6g) with decent protein (3g).  Downside – they’re really dry.  As in can’t hardly roll them up dry.  Oh well, back to Trader Joe’s whole wheat wraps which are yummy and have similar nutrition!

I crisped up the Tempeh in a frying pan for a couple minutes.  Just threw them in with some Pam and let them sizzle.  And boy was the smell enticing 🙂 **the computer is fighting with me so I can’t turn the picture the right way, sorry!**

Sliced up some fresh tomatoes…

All Together:

Next day at lunch for the taste test – total win.  It was tasty and filling, plus it’s always fun to eat something new.  I’ve gotten kinda sick of my quinoa salads.  I’d definitely recommend the tempeh bacon 🙂


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