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Work trip work outs

on August 5, 2012

Instead of doing it day by day, I’lljust give you guys a quick overview.  It was a pretty lack luster week to be honest.  I was at a business training from Sunday night through Thursday.  I managed to get in a few workouts on the “world class fitness facilities.”  Word to the wise: every hotel claims such a thing.  It’s almost NEVER true!  This gym had 2 functioning treadmills, so that was at least sufficient.

I fit in a couple tempo, a speed and a long distance.  But none were anything to write home about.  My LSD this morning was horrible.  Goal: 12.  Achieved: 8.  Um.  For those counting at home…

From the time I set out, I knew I just didn’t have it.  My legs felt like lead, it was about a million percent humidity, combine that with hills, heat and a head wind on the way back, and it just wasn’t happening.  I know the course gets hillier after the 4th mile, so I decided to do 4 out, 4 back, the 4 on the treadmill at the gym.  Yeah no.  I felt horrible.  I just couldn’t get my stride at all, and couldn’t get my breathing under control.

So, with all that said, anyone have any advice?  I can’t pinpoint a reason, I seemed to get enough sleep, I didn’t eat well but didn’t really eat terribly.  The work week wasn’t terrible.

Any thoughts?

Stay tuned for a delicious BLT wrap for lunch (the “B” being tempeh bacon) and a recap of my evening with Idina Menzel!


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