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Workouts and a Birthday :)

on July 29, 2012

Monday: Last week’s LSD

Tuesday: Boot Camp class

I tried out a new class this morning!  While I was warming up on the elliptical before my planned cross training workout, I overheard the announcement on the loud speaker for the first week that the Boot Camp class was being offered in the morning, so I decided to give it a shot.

It was a pretty good class, good combination of cardio and strength training, but too much down time and explaining time.  It’s tough for instructors to accommodate all levels of fitness, but sometimes I feel like I spend half the time listening…ie not burning calories.  The group this morning required a pretty long recovery time, so even after super strenuous exercise…I didn’t feel like I had done much because we waited soooo long to do another move.

We did lots of squats and moves with free weights, lunges up and down the basketball court with various arm exercises, suicides (shiver::: flash backs of high school indoor lacrosse practice..yikes), then some cool down abs.  Overall, not a bad workout, but I still kinda feel like I could have done better on my own.   Good thing I ran 11 miles the day before 😉

Wednesday: Tempo Interval – 2×2.5 at 8:38  pace, 6 miles total (including 1 mile w/u and c/d)

Felt pretty tired today…as if my body weighed 1 million pounds.  Probably because I only got about 5 hours of sleep the night before and ate a late dinner, but what can ya do!

Thursday:  Skip

This week has been particularly terrible at work, and combined with not sleeping over the weekend, I just couldn’t do it.  And you know what? I didn’t even feel guilty this time because I really think sometimes you have to look to your overall health, not just physical, and I NEEDED the extra two hours of sleep!

Friday: tempo – 7 miles + 1  ~*~ 27th Birthday!~*~

Again didn’t want to wake up but I would have regretted it this time!  So, as a birthday present to me (meaning if I ran a lot it will justify the gastronomically delightful birthday fare!), I got myself up and did it.  8 Miles to celebrate 27 years 🙂  Plus cake.  And pancakes.  And WEGMANS.  See – needed those miles 😉

I’ll post more on my birthday soon!

Saturday: Off, relaxing with the fam!

Sunday: LSD – 11 miles

Ugh.  Awful.  Probably due to the sheer amount of food consumed at my parent’s house…things just didn’t go well.  I set out an it was a beautiful 75 degrees, sunny but a light breeze.  By the way back, it had shot up to about 85, no breeze and super humid.  I had to walk MANY times.  Just goes to show that the treadmill is way easier than real life, considering my 5am 11 miler on Monday was far more successful.  Oh well, I got it in somehow!

I’ll likely be a bit absent this next week, travelling to Richmond for a work training all week.  Have a great week!


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