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Weekly Workout – Injury recovery week

on July 23, 2012

As the title suggests, I spent the week trying to let my feet recover from my treacherous 32 mile week last week.  Suprisingly, my body feels great.  My Feet, though – disaster.  Lots of blisters and other things that are not overly pleasant to read about so I won’t elaborate :/  After the 10 miler on Sunday, I took off both Monday and Tuesday to recover. 

I did buckle down and buy new shoes Tuesday.  I went back to my tride and true Mizuno Wave Rider.  I ran in Wave Riders for years, then when I bought shoes early last year, I tried them on, and hated them.  They had apparently changed all kinds of stuff for the new model, and they just didn’t work for me.  I switched to Brooks, and then Saucony Kinvara 2’s to try a more light weight shoe.

True be told, I really enjoyed my Kinvara’s.  Remember when I bought them?  Lately though, I have been putting alot of miles on them and I just don’t think they’re meant for that kind of running.  So, only 250+ miles in I had to invest in a new, more neutral shoe.  I’ll still be using the Saucony’s for speed workouts, and maybe on race day, but the bulk of my training will be my new shoes.  The good news, Mizuno fixed whatever nonsense they had screwed up, and putting them on in the store felt like home 🙂  They have enough support, but aren’t heavy, and really provide the cushioning needed for those LSDs. 

So, there ya have it.  Nothing fancy, just a good quality shoe.  Side note, the running store people told me that the black rubber on the bottom (as opposed to the white rubber on the Kinvara’s) is a sturdier, albeit heavier rubber, and tends to mean the shoe itself has more lasting power.  Good to know, thanks Road Runner Sports!  It’s a great store, really knowleagable and helpful staff, and pretty nice inventory to select from.  Plus a 90 day run-on return policy.  Nice.

On to the workouts!

Wednesday: Tempo Interval (6 miles total)

2 x 2.5 mi at 8:32 pace.  Body felt pretty good, just had to take it easy and step off a bit for the toe.

Thursday: Hills (6 miles)

Ladder incline – 3% up to 8% this time, then back down (2 min intervals of flat at 6.5 and incline at 6.0).  Wound up being about 4.5 miles, then I did a half mile at 1-2% incline at 6.5.  Cool down mile flat at 6.0-6.5 pace.

Friday: Tempo – 6 miles (7 miles total with w/u and c/d)

Stomach issues trouble the run, aaaaand I was pretty late for work.  Not the best way to start the day but at least I got it in 😉

Saturday – Sunday: Off, in Richmond.  I did my LSD Monday before work (Whoa 5am wake up), and got in 11 miles!  All in all, not bad.  Granted, it was on a treadmill which makes it easier physically (though more boring, save for the televisions), but my lungs felt pretty good.  New shoes held up really well as well!


2 responses to “Weekly Workout – Injury recovery week

  1. Yosef says:

    those look like some clunky ass shoes 😉

  2. foody1 says:

    Like those shoes a lot. Remind me of my Asics …..I love the color. ..Some intense workouts there. I think you will be in top shape by the time the marathon happens. Keep up the good work!

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