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Wooooooooork it out!

on July 15, 2012

Monday: Recovery day – did some elliptical and rowing, with 3 miles thrown in (1.5 miles, then 1, then .5)

Tuesday: Tempo Interval – 5 miles

2 x 2.5 at 8:30 minute pace.  Felt pretty good today actually!  1 mile total warm up and cool down

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Tempo – 6 miles

8:40 ish pace, wasn’t so bad, but I did throw a bathroom break in there.  1 mile w/u and c/d.  It’s getting harder to get all these miles in before work!!

Friday: Yasso’s x 9

kept them sub 7:30 pace, with .15 walk in between.  Pretty tough, but hey – it’s Friday.  I also have to remind myself that it’s okay my speed isn’t getting faster, it’s not really supposed to at this point.  I do a speed work out every other week, and that’s only to get mileage in.  I’m not trying to PR in a 5 or 10K where speed is key…I just need miles.  And lots of them.  To build endurance.  So cheers to Friday and going easy on yourself 🙂

Saturday:  Off

Sunday: LSD – 10 miles…longest ever!

Felt really good the first 5 miles, didn’t even stop at all! was all downhill, or rather uphill (The train has some false flat decline on the way out, which means incline on the way back :/)  I seriously had to go to the bathroom, and kept having to stop during the 6th mile.  That kinda screwed up my stride, and I can’t say I got it back.  I finished though, only stopping to walk once more on my own accord around 8.75mi and once at 7.1 for a stop light.  Overall, I’m super proud of myself!


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