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Workout Roundup

on July 10, 2012

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Tempo – 2×2 miles at 8:25 pace

Fairly difficult pace for me to keep for that distance, and I did have to step off a few times, but overall I think I’m making slow gains 🙂

Wednesday: Cross train

Tried to develop my own high intensity, varied circuit workout.  Not to bad, but I’d tweek it next time.  The 1/2 mile intervals made it more of a running workout with some exercises in between.  What I was shooting for was lots of exercises and muscle work, with some running just to keep up the heart rate.  Oh well, still got in 3 miles!

Here was the plan:

  •  1 mile w/u at about 9 min pace
  • 1st circuit
    • 10 burpees
    • 20 Jumping Jacks
    • 10 push ups
      • x 2
  • 1/2 mi at about 8:30 pace
  • 2nd circuit
    • 10 burpees
    • 16 jumping lunges
    • 10 fast squat
    • 10 slow squat
      • x 3
  • 1/2 mi
  • 3rd circuit
    • 10 tricep dips
    • 10 leg lifts
    • 10 x 2 assisted pull ups
      • x 2
  • 1/2 mi
  • 4th circuit
    • 15 x 2 leg lifts, each side
    • 15 x 2 leg lifts, back
    • 20 x 3 calf raises
  • 1/2 mi cool down at 10 min pace

Thursday:  Speed Workout – 6 miles

Yasso’s – did 9 this time.  (800 meters with .15 mi walking in between) Fastest right around 7 min I think…but that wasn’t for the whole thing!  Really tough workout for sure.  Worked my way up from 7.3 mph to 8.0 for the last few.  Total of 5.25 of yasso’s plus .5mi warm up and .25 cool down jog

Friday:  Tempo – 5 miles plus 1 mile w/u and cold down.

Tried to maintiain between 8:40 and 8:30ish pace for the 5 miles, which is still fairly aggressive for me.  I was able to do it, but it was alot tougher than last week when I had an awesome running day.  Maybe it’s because I forgot to take my b12!  Dag nabit.

Saturday:  Off

Sunday: LSD – failed 9 miles. 

Wound up with about 8.2.  The heat was BRUTAL.  I picked a fairly shady bath, and left by 8 am to try and beat the heat.  Unfortunately, the humidity was absolutely stifling from the minute I opened the door.  The 8.2 point was at the end of the trail, at the bottom of a ginormous hill I had already decided to walk up to get back to where I started, thinking I could then run the remaining mileage on a flat.  Thankfully, I was saved by a guardian angel (The Boy), who could feel how hot it was out and saved me from the Hill of Death.  Whew.  Hope it cools down next week!

Note:  This post was delayed because it’s actually a combo of two weeks.  I missed my LSD when I was in Chicago, then had some lack luster workouts last week including a rather poor tempo Friday.  That makes two weeks in a row of those, so I figured I’d combine the posts!


3 responses to “Workout Roundup

  1. Yosef says:

    heee heee hill of death 🙂

  2. Yosef says:

    it’s rumored you’ll go down hills but not up…is this true??

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