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Work it Out :)

on June 24, 2012

Monday: Last week’s delayed LSD

Tuesday: Speedy tempo – 4 x 1 mile

Averaged about 8:23 pace.  The fourth one was especially tough but over all felt pretty good.  Walked about 2 min in between, and had 1 mile cool down for 5 miles total.

Wednesday: Body Pump class – this time the class worked a little more evenly between upper and lower body, so I was pleased with that!  (Instead of the first couple times which were very upper body centric)

Thursday: Tempo – 6 miles with 1 mile warm up and cool down.  Not quite as strong as last week unfortunately, but still got it in!

Friday:   Hills – 5 miles

I actually worked out after work, which is quite shocking if you know me.  I bailed out early (5pm) and just willed myself to go.  I absolutely couldn’t get out of bed in the morning, and knew I couldn’t work out Saturday because I’d be travelling, so it was then or never.  It wasn’t really pleasant (since I’m not used to working out on a non-empty stomach), but I was proud of myself for doing it).  Workout was my typical ladder incline (from 3% to 7% alternating 2 min flat and 2 min incline, up then down).

Saturday: Off, walking around Philly!

Sunday: LSD – 9 miles

Longest I’ve ever run.  I ran along Kelly Drive  on the Schuylkill River Trail in Philly.  A beautiful trail overlooking the river.  It was in the upper 60s when I left, and most of the path was shaded.  Honestly, it was the best outdoor run I’ve had in a while and I am stoked I could accomplish that distance.  The way out conveniently landed me at the Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Art Museum right at the turn around point.  Definitely had to run those! (And by “run” I mean jog so slowly it was almost a walk.  Hey people-I was running 9 other miles!).  The way out was mostly shaded and a slight decline, so by the time I hit the turn around I felt solid.  After taking a picture break, the trip back was harder, and I reaaaaaally had to push the last 2 miles.  The uphill reared it’s ugly head!  All in all though, couldn’t have asked for a better run.  Plus, it made me feel all accomplished when I went to the triathlon!

Check out the run photos 🙂

First, we start with the “take-a-picture-of-the-street-you-parked-on-just-incase-you-forget-pic.” 😀

Then, about a mile in, I saw this spray painted on the trail from a previous race…definitely made me smile and started off the run on a happy note.


Really pretty overpass/tunnel

View of the water and the transition area for the Triathlon:

And…without further adieu, the “Rocky Steps”

View from the top

Just to prove I took the pics 🙂

And a beautiful skyline pic showing a row of international flags in the Parkway Museums District





2 responses to “Work it Out :)

  1. foody1 says:

    Great pics. It seems like you will be in fine form when race time comes around. Hope you enjoyed Philly. It is a great ole city. Never had a vegan cheesesteak though. I so would love to run those steps someday.

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