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Personal updates :)

on June 20, 2012

If you feel as though I’ve been derelict in my blogging duties, I sincerely apologize!  Things have been an absolute whirlwind in my life the past two weeks, and unfortunately blogging has taken a back seat.  The last two weeks have been filled with many ups and downs, lots of stress and pressure but also lots of excitement and love.  So, we’ll start with the bad so we can end on a happy note 🙂

Two weeks ago Monday, I got in a car crash and big good-bye to my beloved 2002 Toyota Camry.  Thankfully, no one was injured in the accident (caused by some driver who cut me off, sending me spinning into the jersey barrier).  The right side of my car was pretty much demolished.  I wanted to save the car, but because of its age, the insurance company didn’t think it was worth fixing :/ 

**A word on Cam, as I affectionately referred to my car, she had over 108,000 miles, and rode like a dream.  Still got about 26 city mpg and about 37 highway, on par with most cars on the market today.  She was pretty much the opposite of a “lemon.”  Anyhoo, she kept me safe in the wreck and I shall miss her!**
The loss of my car suddenly sent me into a frenzied search of a new car, which I had by no means planned on.  For anyone that has bought a new car…it’s alot of work.  Between Consumer Reports and Edmunds and test driving and dealers….Man oh Man.  But, it’s worth it because theoretically I’ll have the car for a long time!  It came down to a used Toyota Prius and a Mazda 3.  Toyota really just wasn’t feasible, their prices matched new cars or exceeded them, with about 40,000 miles to start.  After doing the calculations for how much I’d save on gas, it wasn’t really worth it.  Mazda it was! 
Here comes a high folks.  I LOVE my new car.  It’s so nice…really smooth ride but a sporty feel.  Great gas mileage (got 41mpg coming home from the dealer, take that Prius!).  Not to mention it looks awesome.  I decided to bite the bullet and get a Grand Touring, the highest level they offered.  Isn’t it puuuuuuuuurty??
Navigation system, sun roof, Bose sound system (not like I really know what that is…), and leather seats.  The leather was a super tough call for me, for animal rights reasons.  I am obviously against the practice, and morally I wasn’t really happy supporting it.  Unfortunately, they don’t offer a synthetic version.  Truth is, for resale purposes, getting the upgraded car puts me in a far better position and leather lasts longer.  Yes, that makes me a hypocrite 😦  But, my friend who has a Mazda 3 says he’s convinced it’s fake (much to his chagrin), so I’m just gonna go with that!  What really sold me on the darker blue color was the contrasted interior, I thought it was rather unique and elegant looking 🙂
Plus, the inside kinda looks like a race car:

Image Credit -Heritage Mazda Towson –

Back tracking a bit, the last two weeks have been absolute insanity at work, with this week promising to be no different.  Just an extremely high case load and a lot of administrative stuff to get through…It’s been particularly rough.  Can’t wait for next week!
Moving on to more highs, enough self pity!  First, as a super early birthday present, The Boy got me tickets to Beauty and the Beast!!!  The Broadway road show!!!  It was aaaaaaaaamazing.  The production skillfully adapted the beloved Disney cartoon into a stage show with all the vivacity and intrigue of the animated characters.  Gaston’s bravado was sickeningly (and appropriately) annoying, Belle’s strength and kindness stole the show, Beast’s inner turmoil presented with artistic prowess, and the enchanted objects (Ms. Potts and Lumiere especially!), were fantastical.  I think I was smiling through the entire show.  It was masterfully presented and a fabulous early birthday present!
Another highlots of family time.  I had visits from two different uncles last week.  My dad’s brother arrived first with my Aunt and cousin, and while I wasn’t able to spend enough time with them, we did bond over a love of cupcakes.  See, my mom texted me and relayed a message from my Aunt asking if a particular cupcakery was good.  No!  I gasped.  Perish the thought!  I lamented the thought of my Aunt’s glorious perception of D.C. cupcakes being tarnished by that particular establishment (which shall remain nameless).  I then set about writing a list for my aunt of the best cupcakeries, and the best and worst flavors.  This “list” became a two page dissertation on the subject.  Oops.  I figured my Uncle and Aunt would think I was nutso.
Turns out, they loved it and actually used my recommendations as a touring map, spending an entire day doing a cupcake tour of D.C.  I am SO jealous!   They hit up 5 places the first day, and we were able to try another one when we met up for dinner a few days later.  Mmmm.  Look for a guest post on their cupcake journey soon!
My mother’s brother arrived the next day with my cousin.  My cousin, much to the future fear of my Uncle’s wallet, has always wanted to go to Georgetown.  From the time she was 6 and came to visit, she’s had her sights set.  So now, at 15, she wanted to really get a feel for the campus. 
We spent all day touring around Georgetown, after stopping for lunch in Foggy Bottom at Founding Farmers (play on words for Founding Fathers…since its right near the white house…cute).  Founding Farmers is a fairly new D.C. Eatery (maybe 5 years old?) which appeared while I was in law school.  They use mostly local ingredients, and their menus change with the seasons.  Their food is always high quality and really unique, with tons of vegetarian options.  Meatless Bacon Burger?  Um YES.  Tofu Bacon and homemade rice and bean burger…and it was deeeeeelicious.  It was more like a sloppy joe than a burger, but my taste buds did not care about such trivial details. 
We walked over the Georgetown and immersed ourselves in the gothic architecture and history.  My favorite building was the one that resembled Dumbledore’s castle from Harry Potter – I kept expecting the pictures to start talking 😉  It was really fun though, and I’d love for my California cousin to defect to the east coast!
Next day – fabulous father’s day brunch with my pops, my uncle, and my brother in law…along with my gorgeous niece who just stole the show.  She’s almost 1…and unbelievably adorable <a completely unbiased opinion, of course>.
All in all, an absolute whirlwind, but with many more highs than lows.  In times of high stress, I am very fortunate to have a support system to distract me and keep me positive, even when I’m so exhausted I can hardly stand.  There’s always energy for laughter and love 🙂  Thank you everyone!!

3 responses to “Personal updates :)

  1. Yosef says:

    It’s rumored your car doesn’t have XM…if that’s the case it should be returned immediately.

  2. Nighare Liberal says:

    What a crazy couple of weeks, not to mention additional stress. Soo glad you are physically ok. But you were lucky! While reading your delightful posts, it occurred to me that you enjoyed a lot of assistance on researching cars, test driving them, etc., thanks to your father. So here’s a shout out to him! Oh, I do recall both your parents enjoying time with you AND your
    uncles, both at home and together at that lovely brunch! Poor thing, you sould like an orphan! Loved your blog thouh; your personality really comes through – so clever, informative, and your natural sense of humor jumps off the page!

  3. […] not forget my earlier birthday present, Beauty and The Beast, and future birthday present, Cirque de Soleil Totem!  I am one lucky […]

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