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Weekly Workouts

on June 18, 2012

Sorry for the radio silence the last week, things have been particularly crazy in my life.  Tough week for fitting in work outs.  Between family in town, VERY early birthday celebrations and new car shopping, it’s been pretty tight!  But, here’s what we got:

Monday:  Off

Tuesday: Speedy tempo we’ll call it – 5 miles

1/2 mile warm up and cool down

4 x 1 miles at about 8:30 pace.  Pretty tough pace for me to maintain, and coupled with the not sleeping the night before it was definitely a challenge!

Wednesday:  Speed Workout – 4 miles +1 walk

Schedule is a little off this week due to family being in town, car searching AND an early birthday present of the show Beauty and the Beast!!  Anyhoo, I knew I’d miss my workout for Thursday so instead of cross training on Weds I did a running workout. 

Stuck to Yasso’s – averaged about 7:36 pace for each half mile, 8 times.

Thursday: Off

Friday: Tempo – 5 miles

Actually felt great this morning.  I planned on an 8:45 pace, and managed to maintain around 8:30, albeit with a bathroom break.  I felt strong and actually felt like there was finally some progress!  Not sure what it was that had the positive impact, certainly wasn’t proper nutrition or sleeping because neither of those have been happening lately.  Oh well, it felt nice 🙂

Saturday: Off

Sunday: LSD – 8 miles (though I had to do it Monday morning, I’ll put it on this week!)

1:16:23 – 9:33 pace. Felt better than last week by quite a bit but I was indoors on a treadmill which means no sun and no hills. But, 8 miles is  8 miles…bonus points for starting before 6am 😉


One response to “Weekly Workouts

  1. foody1 says:

    Well Ashley, This sounds like a great week of work. So smart to help avoid injuries, too.

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