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Weekly Workout Recap

on June 12, 2012

Monday:  LSD – 7 miles

Faster than last week by about 2 minutes…but it was on the treadmill.  Still, felt pretty strong.

Tuesday:   Tempo intervals – 4 miles plus w/u and c/d

Half mile warm up, then 3×10 min at about 8:30 – 8:35 pace. I walked 2 min in between, then finished up with another half mile cool down.  But that was only 4.5 miles so after I rowed for a bit, I did another half mile at 8:25 pace for a nice round 5 miles total.

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Tempo – 5 miles plus w/u and c/d

Goal was to do the 5 miles with minimal stoppage at 8:45 pace…I hit the pace, but with bathroom breaks.  I felt pretty tired, but that’s probably due to muscle relaxers I’m taking at night for a minor injury.  Or I’m just out of shape lol….let’s blame the pills!

Friday:  Hills – 4 miles

Bleh.  I was rather tempted by the spin class this morning, but only because they had snacks lol.

Saturday: Off

Sunday: LSD – 8 miles

Ran outside…it was about 85 degrees.  The first half I felt pretty good, though it was a bit hilly and I couldn’t keep my pace consistent.  On the way back I totally bonked.  Had to stop a few times, ran above 10 min pace and felt like I was dying.  All in all I finished with about a 9:45 pace and survived…so that’s a plus!


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