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Weekend festivities! Alumni Lacrosse Game and Locks of Love

on June 4, 2012

So this weekend I had the rare treat of participating in an Alumni Women’s Lacrosse game.  I played all through high school, and a little bit since, but I haven’t seen my teammates in far too long.  Luckily, three of them are currently coaching the JV and Varsity teams at my high school, so they organized an alumni scrimmage with us old ladies against the current team.

Having not picked up my stick in far longer than I’d care to admit, I decided I’d just go to enjoy the people and the atmosphere.  When I first saw my coach, I was so excited!  I haven’t seen her in soooo long and she was by far the best coach I’ve ever had.  She was just strict enough to make us work hard and really fight to get better, but always fun and encouraging as a balance.  I had so much respect for her, which says a lot because in high school, I had more than a little bit of an attitiude problem.  (Trust me, my other coaches would attest to this fact…Sorry!)  She treated us like adults, and always had constructive criticism when needed, along with words of encouragment. 

Anyhoo, when I saw her I ran over and gave her a huge hug, and was excited to see about 8 members of prior teams, either my year or within 2 years before and after.  The game was actually really fun, despite my trepidation.  I’m proud to say our alumni team rocked it out.  Went up 5-3 by half time.  They caught up to us, and even though the game clock ran, we all decided to do a winner take all final play.  They took it, but their win came with some respect for us old ladies 🙂  Plus, major props to one of my former teammates, who came out despite being SIX MONTHS PREGNANT, and rocked out a hat trick.  Yowza.


After that super awesomeness, I headed over to the hair salon to chop off all my hair.  Yup, took the plunge and donated it to Locks of Love, an amazing non-profit organization which provudes hair pieces to children dealing with medically related long term hair loss.  I’m pretty attached to my hair…and hate hair cuts, but it grows quickly and Locks of Love is a great excuse to cut it.  I last donated about 4 years ago, so it was time for the change!

First up, the measuring.  Gotta make sure you have 10-14 inches to donate. 

We measure out about a foot, and tied my hair into pig tails, braided them, then cut them right off!

Siyanara folks!  After, my fabulous hair lady set about giving me a great hair cut that I actually have to admit I like…even if it is far shorter than I’m comfortable with 🙂

P.S. Sorry no workout post this week…no much to report :/  Started the week with a killer sun burn which prevented working out the first two days, then I had two days on and then sheer exhaustion set in and I just couldn’t wake up.


One response to “Weekend festivities! Alumni Lacrosse Game and Locks of Love

  1. mb says:

    Soumds like a great weekend, but donating your hair is so kindhearted! I bet the cut looks great, also! BTW, those cinnamon buns make my mouth water!

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