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Virginia Beach Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon or Bust!

on May 15, 2012

Well kids, it has begun.  The dreaded half marathon training.  I have no delusions…this isn’t going to be that fun.  But, I will be so unbelievably proud crossing that finish line, that I know it will be worth it. 

Here is my tenantive training plan.  I’ve included only the running, as the most important thing for me is to get in the mileage.  It’s my first race, and it’s almost double what I have ever run previously, so mileage is key.  Sundays will be long slow distance, as its typical for most training plans.   Mondays are nice to take off because waking up at 5:20 on a Monday morning just sucks lol.  So, here ya go!  Tuesdays are tempo interval, meaning 3×1 mile at race pace or 2×2 mile etc, increasing mileage.  Wednesdays I plan to do strength training (hopefully the Body Pump Class) and possibly group runs.  Thursdays are tempo – just the distance at race pace.  Fridays I’ll alternate Speed and Hills, unlike my 10K training where I did both each week.  I think tempo is much more important in a long race.  I’m still going to do speed and hills though; speed it good for me because I enjoy the workouts, so it’s a good way to get mileage and hills I view as strength training. I’d also like to more regularly incorporate swimming, perhaps Saturdays.   

**read below for more about my running journey 🙂


Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat Sun Total


  3 mi   4 mi S – 4 mi   6 mi 17


  3 mi   5 mi H – 4 mi   7 mi 19


  4 mi   5 mi S – 5 mi   7 mi 21


  4 mi   6 mi H – 4 mi   8 mi 22


  4 mi   6 mi S – 5 mi   8 mi 23


  5 mi   7 mi H – 5 mi   9 mi 26


  5 mi   6 mi S – 6 mi   9 mi 26


  5 mi   6 mi H – 5 mi   10 mi 26


  6 mi   7 mi S – 6 mi   10 mi 29


  6 mi   7 mi H – 5 mi   11 mi 29


  6 mi   8 mi S – 7 mi   12 mi 33


  5 mi   8mi H – 5 mi   13 mi 31


  5 mi   9 mi S – 7 mi   10 mi 31


  6 mi   8 mi H – 5 mi   11 mi 30


  6 mi    7 mi S – 6 mi   9 mi 28


        5 mi comfort   RACE DAY  

I’d love to inspire even one person to take on this feat.  I’m not a runner by birth, and in truth, I have very little athletic ability.  Growing up, I dabbled in ballet (though I was never all that good until the year I quit – go figure), but never soccer or more traditional sports.  In Middle School, I somehow managed to make the Cheerleading team.  Turns out I was pretty good, making All-Star teams and being captain three times throughout my 7 year career 🙂  Let’s get something clear…CHEERLEADING IS A SPORT.  It’s insanely taxing on the body, requires immense agility, athleticism, and skill.  

That being said, in 10th grade I decided to change it up a bit, and join my school’s Lacrosse team during the Spring Season, aka the 1/4 of the year I wasn’t cheering.  I loved it.  It was fun and interesting and definitely challenging.  I played defense, because as it turns out, despite having a pretty strong shot, I have no killer instinct.  I’d rather give the ball to someone I know will score, rather than chancing it myself.  What also turns out is that what I’m good at is reading people, and preventing them from scoring.  You know what they say, offense wins games, defense wins championships 😉

High school was pretty much the end of my “athletic” career, if you can call it that.  I dabbled in college lacrosse and an adult women’s league, but it was always for fun and I really was never that great.  It’s okay, I’ve accepted it.  Throughout cheerleading and lacrosse, I’ve never been a good runner.  Truth be told, I have terrible lungs.  Everything involving cardio exertion  is difficult for me.  This isn’t an excuse, just what seems to be fact.  Now, exercising certainly helps, but it doesn’t eliminate the problem.  But you know what?  A lot of people have difficulty running.  Most people are not naturally born athletes.  And they get out there, they race!  So I do too.  Everyone has a reason to not run, tons in fact, but all you need is a few reasons to run.  And here are mine:

I run because I want to (in theory lol). I run to stay in shape.  I run because I feel great after.  I run because it gives me tangible goals which I can track and hold myself accountable for.  I run to challenge myself.  And that’s all.  No gold medals here, just a constant goal of self-improvement 🙂

Why do you run?  I’d love to hear how other people stay motivated!

Great quotes (paraphrasing):

You’ll never regret the workouts you do, just the ones you miss!

In the time you spend thinking about running and talking yourself out of it, you could be done!


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