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Workout Round up, gearing up for the race!

on April 15, 2012

Monday:  Cardio mix  – 20 min elliptical, 1 mile row, 8 min stair step, 10 min stationary bike.  After yesterday’s LSD, I wanted to still get in a work out and sweat a bit, but give my joints a rest 🙂

Tuesday: Tempo – 5 miles

Half mile warm up at 6.0, then 2 x 2 miles at race pace (7.0 = about 8:20-8:30 pace).  The pace was a touch ambitious.  I had to hold on to the sides a few times to open my lungs.  After the first set, I stepped off the treadmill and walked around the gym for about 2 minutes, then hopped back on.  I had to lower the speed to 6.7 for a bit, I was feeling really tired!  I also stepped off for about 30 seconds between the 3rd and 4th mile.

Since tempo is supposed to simulate a race, I actually don’t mind lowering the speed and/or stepping off to walk, because that’s how I actually race.  So for me, what’s important is holding the goal pace as long as possible, but giving myself a break when I need it.  Solid workout and I feel like I’m *finally* making long term speed gains!

Wednesday:  Off

Thursday:  Hills. 4.5 mi

I’m not sure how important hills are when I’m training for flat races, but, everyone says they’re important and I always feel like they’re a solid, tough workout.  Plus, I lack creativity at the god awful early in the morning time I go to the gym so, Hills it is!

I did short hills today.  Kept the pace steady at 6.5, then alternated between flat and 6-7% incline at 1 minute intervals for 15 minutes.  Then walk for a minute, then repeat.  The second batch was tough, but I felt pretty happy with the workout.  Besides both the TVs AND my ipod failing me!

Friday:  1 hour spin class

Disclaimer, I don’t spin or bike often, so perhaps any criticism is based in my own ignorance!  But, I’d give the overall experience an “eh.”  In the spin classes I’ve done before, there’s usually a fair bit of change and activity with sprints, hills, jumps etc.  The instructer of this class indicated this was an “endurance” class…which wound up meaning just 8-12 minute intervals.  10 min flat, 8 min standing, etc.  He didn’t really have us change the resistance very much, just kinda like an LSD it seemed.

Again, perhaps I didn’t get much out of it because I didn’t push myself, that’s definitely part of it.  But most of the reason I do classes, especially a spin class, is so that I can be guided through a workout by someone who knows more than I do and can really push me through a solid workout.  This class, not so much.  It was just pretty boring.  Plus, the music choice was not really pump you up music, so that combined with the lack of pump you up direction…left me not pumped up!  As much as I’d love Stevie Wonder on a nice road trip, he has no place in a spin class – doesn’t exactly pump you up.

Anyhoo, burned more calories than sleeping in on a Friday morning!

Saturday: Speed Workout – 6 miles

Ladder – 1600m, 1200, 800, 400, then reverse.  As fast as I could go for each distance, then walk for .10mi to recover.

1600 m (1 mile) – I ran the first one in about 8 minutes.  I did the 1200s at 7.5 (about 7:45 pace), 800s at 7.7 (about 7:37) then the 400s at 8.3 (about 6:50).  Last mile I did in about 8:20, so slower than the first mile) It was certainly a tough workout but I felt strong.

Sunday: Off – But I was a very involved spectator at the Rumpus in Bumpass, a Sprint Triathlon.  Super fun event, tons of people, everyone enjoying the suddenly gorgeous weather.  The swim was in a lake, then the run and bike were along an undulating course.  Plus, the Boy placed first in his age group, so it was even more fun to watch and cheer!

Saturday night, I visited my parents who happen to live near the Disneyland of the culinary world – Wegmans.

Wegmans.  Pretty much my favorite place on earth. It’s a grocery store with tons of vegan and vegetarian products, plus organic, and regular.  But the most important and fun part – the hot foods bar.  SO many wonderful, delicious, and fabulous food options.  I had 5 kinds of tofu alone.  And, unlike some places with a hot foods bar, the food at Wegmans is of superior quality.  

My plate (pictured half eaten, I was too busy enjoying and salivating to remember to take the picture in the beginning!)

  • Bottom – spinach and mixed green salad with tomato and super yummy croutons.  Instead of dressing, I used the sauce from the jalfrezi and a yellow tofu and onion sauce.  Awesome combo.
  • Top left – Asian/Bourbon tofu with Lo Mein
  • Middle – vegetable Jalfrezi.  No idea what this actually is, besides delicious.  According to, it’s “Jalfrezi is Indian version of Chinese stir-fry made with curry spices”
  • Top Right – Channa Masala, Tofu in tomato sauce and Tofu/Paneer in a pesto – ish sauce

Unpictured – warm chocolate chip cookies. OMG.  My Favorite foods, all with my own portions, and my own mixes.  Yuuuuumy.

Well, off to relax before the week starts! Plus, a 10K time trial in the morning 🙂  Wish me luck!


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