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Weekly workouts :)

on April 9, 2012

So, you *may* have noticed a lack of workout posts.  This is directly correlated to the lack of workouts.   I tried to distract you through pictures and food, but, fact of the matter is I haven’t been very consistent lately, and the workouts I have done haven’t exactly been blog worthy!  But, with my race 4 short weeks away, there’s no more time for laziness and excuses!

Monday:  Hadn’t gotten on the bandwagon yet…

Tuesday:   LSD – 7 miles

Actually felt better than expected.  I was glad to see I hadn’t lost all my endurance, but I certainly still have an uphill battle to race day.

Wednesday: Tempo – 4.5 miles

Tried out a new gym … not too shabby!  I did a tempo workout: 1/2 mile warm up, followed by 3×10 minutes at race pace (7.0 on the treadmill, 8:20ish pace), with 1-2 min walking in between, then about 4 min cool down.  Felt really hard, but, that’s what happens when you’re lazy for 2 weeks!

Thursday Hills – 4 miles.  Not awesome.  I was just dragging.  Can’t blame it on nutrition this time, just me!  I did my longer hill work out – 2 min intervals alternating flat at 6.5mph with 2 min incline at 6.0 mph, ladder incline of 3% up to 7% and back down.

Friday:  Light weight lifting legs on machines, plyometrics (squats and jumps), elliptical and rowing for warm up and cool down.

Saturday: Much needed day off

Sunday: LSD – 8.5 miles in 81 min.  Felt pretty good actually. I kept a steady pace, 2 miles at 6.0, then 3 miles at 6.2, then 3 miles at 6.4, then the last half at 6.0 again.  I wanted to press to 9, but my knees and ankles were just feeling a little painful, and I didn’t want to press an injury.

All in all, good week!  It feels good to be back on track, and I’m getting excited for my race in a couple weekends 🙂


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