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Weekend eats…just a little late :)

on April 6, 2012

I had some fun cooking and baking this weekend.  Friday, ended the week with an easy dinner (taco salad) and a DELICIOUS dessert.

The Boy found this recipe on Eat, Run, Read, a fun food and fitness blog.  The recipe is for Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars.  Let’s discuss why this recipe HAD TO BE MADE.

  1. Chocolate chip cookie.  Tride and true favorite that always satisfies
  2. Caramel.  Yummy, creamy, decadent, and sweet, but different kind of sweet than chocolate.
  3.  SALT.  Pretty much my favorite ingredient.  I just love it.  So adding that in with dessert = awesome

Okay, so, the recipe isn’t terribly difficult, but I ran into some bumps in preparation.

First, my brown sugar had gotten clumpy in the move.  Boo.  I don’t have a microwave so I couldn’t soften it by warming it.  Instead I used some strange method of straining the clumps out with my hands…a very special experience.

Second, I couldn’t melt the caramels in a bowl since again, no microwave.  Instead, I had to use a pot which took longer than anticipated.

Third, I didn’t have the right size pan (see above).  The blogger had cautioned that she used an 8 inch pan instead of a 9 inch, which wound up making huge and fluffy bars.  I decided I could go the other way, and use a 9 x 11 inch pan.  This was not the smartest decision, as I ran out of cookie dough to cover the caramel.  Oh well.  They were AWESOME.  (As you can tell by the fact that I forgot to take a picture until a fair bit was consumed) Amazing.  Delightful.  Delectable.  Tasty.  Tantalizing.  Each bite was sweet and had depth of flavor, then ended with the hint of salt which necessitated another bite of sweet.  YUM.


The next morning, I used the leftovers from the taco salad to make an omlet.  This included black beans, corn, cubanelle peppers, and fresh tomatoes.  Problem being, I suck at making omlets.  Can’t flip ’em, and they’re never shaped correctly.  Usually, I wind up with scrambled eggs anyhow.  This time, I was determined!

I scrambled the eggs in a bowl, and well Pam’ed the pan.  I then poured in the eggs, and let them set a bit.  Then I added in everything but the tomatoes over one half of the eggs.  Then, I exercised patience…I know I  know, shocking.  But, I let the eggs slooooowly cook and set, before GENTLY trying to release the eggs from the bottom of the pan, and just flipped half over the other.  I attempted thirds, but could quickly see impending disaster, so I went back to half.  Result…it actually looked like an omlet!  Topped with a dollup of sour cream and the tomatoes – BAM, Saturday morning gourmet 😉


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