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Last Week of Work! Workouts :)

on March 18, 2012

Monday: LSD – 8 miles

Tried to continue focusing on the slow aspect.  The run took 1:18:56.  That’s darn close to a 10 minute mile.  I stopped briefly at the 3 and 6 mile markers, and tried to focus on staying consistent in my stride.

I also tried adding some fuel into the workout, in preparation for my eventual half marathon.  I tried Nuun, an almost calorie free electrolyte tab.  Unfortunately, my tummy really isn’t used to even drinking much during runs, so I didn’t love the feeling.  But, that’s why I’m starting early to train my body to get over it 😉

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: Old school interval.

On tap today was Fartlek training, but after the last few, I decided Fartleks are kinda like Ikea, sounds all cool and Swedish but you don’t really get great bang for your buck.

Anyhoo, my body has decided to manifest moving/changing jobs stress by not allowing me to sleep.  So all that could get me out of bed today was a comfortable old school work out!  Start with 15 min on the elliptical, end with 8 min on the stairs.

Tredmill: Alternating 45 second intervals at 6.5 (9:15) and 7.5 (8:00) speed on the treadmill for 2 miles.  Then one mile at 7.3 (8:13 pace), then bathroom break, then one mile alternating intervals again.

Thursday: Weight lifting

Warm up elliptical, then about 12 minutes of Pilates.  I then did a lower leg lifting circuit: 15 repsx2 sets on the quad extension machine and hamstring pull machine, 20×2 abductor and adductor, then 25×2 calf press.  I repeated this circuit 3 times.  It was an easy day, but instead of taking off I actually did the lifting I always neglect!

Friday: Tempo

3×10 min as seen in Runner’s World Magazine this month as a way to increase your 10K time.  I did 5 min warm up and cool down, then 3×10 min at 7.0 (about 8:38 pace), with 3 minute walk in between.  Solid workout, felt like I hit a good stride.

Saturday: 4ish miles in I:DK

I was supposed to do a speed workout, and also needed to pack and do last minute move things.  But, around 11am, it was absolutely beautiful outside and I was enticed to have my first outdoor run of the season!  Because I had already eaten, I didn’t expect much, I just wanted to get some miles in.  I was also inspired by neverhomemaker‘s post last weekend.  Sometime’s it’s good to leave the Garmin at home, and just enjoy it.
I did the first 20 minutes with company of The Boy, then we parted ways to do our own paces.  I did some speed work, really trying to focus on my stride and form.  I’d sprint until I couldn’t, then jog it out.  Good mentality, and happy to get in the sunshine!

Sunday: Pack and clean.  Repeat.

No workout, just finishing up and packing up!  Movers come tomorrow 🙂


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