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Easy work week lunch – Vegan Roasted Beet and Hummus Wrap

on March 13, 2012

Lunch can often be a hectic time at work.  I usually have to eat something quickly while working at my desk.  During the week, I don’t particularly have the time or patience to think of things to make.  Because of the time and location restraints, I try to make interesting lunches that I can prepare early in the week and that will continue to entice me to maintain my will power.  Plus, when people in my office tend to get yummy smelling fast food everyday, it’s best if I have a defense!

I often have various types of salads, but with workouts picking up I wanted to create a more interesting menu.  I decided on a veggie-packed wrap.


  1. Whole Wheat Tortilla
  2. Canned beets (2 small cans)
  3. Match stick carrots
  4. Arugula
  5. Roasted red peppers/pimentos

**I really like this hummus.  It’s the first time I’ve bought it.  With many brands of commercial hummus, you’ll find a rather high fat content and not overly high on protein.  This brand is all natural and contains no preservatives.  Plus, only 50 calories and 3 grams of fat per 2 tablespoons.  Additionally, 4g of protein.  Extra bonus, this stuff is delicious!


  1. Drain beets and blot with paper towel to get rid of excess liquid
  2. Roast the beets on a cookie sheet at 325 degrees for about 20 minutes.  Season with salt, pepper and garlic powder
  3. Turn over the beets about midway through to make sure both sides are cooked.
  4. Let the beets cool completely


  1. Spread tortilla with hummus
  2. Pile on arugula, beets, carrots, and pimentos
  3. Roll up and put in your lunch box 🙂
  4. Tip:  This little wrap can be a touch unruly.  Wrapping tightly in plastic wrap will maintain the shape and make for an easy lunch

Sorry for the picture quality, but it was a yummy lunch 🙂

Nutrition (approximate – will depend on type of tortilla and portions):

250 calories, 5 g fat, 8g fiber (32%), 9g protein (18%)


4 responses to “Easy work week lunch – Vegan Roasted Beet and Hummus Wrap

  1. Yosef says:

    beets are scaaaaarrrryyy.

  2. @Nasoya says:

    So happy you are enjoying our Super Hummus! Thanks for the post!

  3. […] decided to keep it fairly simple, something I could make all week.  I returned back to my Roasted Beet Wraps from a couple weeks ago.  I really do enjoy them.  Plus, I found a new kind of tortilla from […]

  4. shapir0 says:

    I think I will try this one this weekend..perhaps adding a bit of red pepper hummus that I like. I wonder if a good cheese would be a nice addition, too, for us non-vegans, of course. Great recipt!

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