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Workout Round up!!!

on March 11, 2012

Monday:  LSD 10K

Actually more of a time trial than an LSD.  Wanted to keep a 9 minute pace, and wound up finishing 56:14, for a 9:04 pace.  I started slow (it takes me a while to warm up, I always have negative splits!).  First mile was a 9:47 pace, then second was 9:17, then moved down to around 9 and under.  Finished out at 7.3mph for the last .2, simulating the sprint to the finish!  Point of reference, my first training 10K in 60:59 (9:49 pace) and second training 10K in57:03 (9:13 pace) on Feb 19.

Slowly showing some progress with T minus 49 days to race day.

Tuesday:  Nope.

Wednesday: Tempoish Interval?

Not sure what to call it, my race plan said 440s at race pace but it was supposed to be a tempo day not a speed day.  So, I decided to do:

  • quarter miles (440 is too complicated on a treadmill)
  • alternating speeds between 6.5ish and 7.3ish (ish indicates sometimes faster)
  • for 3 miles.

This meant alternating between about an 8 minute pace and slightly less than 9:30.  Plus, half mile warm up and cool down for a total of 4 miles.

I think it was a good choice, it put me at about 8:45 pace (average) which is a good race pace.  But, the interval kept it interesting and gave me little breaks, without the walking involved in a speed workout 🙂

Thursday: Short Hills.

Man oh Man.  Hills are my toughest workout for sure.  I did short hills again, alternating 1 min flats/7% at race pace (somewhere between 9:00 and 9:17).  I did 5 intervals, walk 2 min, 5 intervals.

Then one mile at a constant 2% pace.  I started out at 6.7 speed but knocked it down to 6.5 (about 9:25 pace) for the last half mile, deciding the incline was more important than the speed.  Phew.

Friday:  Took off, early and allllll day apartment hunting.

Saturday:  Speed – 3x 1 mile.

Ugh.  Really tough workout but I feel like this type of workout, speed for distance will definitely contribute to speed gains.  Anyway, I did 1 mile warm up and cool down at 10min pace.  Then 3 miles at just under an 8:00 pace (about 7:57), with about 4-5 min of walking and standing recovery in between.  First two were okay, last one I really did a half mile, stepped off for 15 seconds, then .25, step off, then a final .25 and wanted to die.

Still felt strong, solid workout 🙂

Sunday:  Rather tired after two long days apartment hunting, so me and The Boy ditched the post-day light savings mad rush to the pool for a long walk around DC.  I had seen cherry blossoms up in the North part of the city, so we ventured down to the Tidal Basin hoping to see some.  Fail.  But, lovely day and walked over 4 miles 🙂  And still managed to get a few pics.

First, we encountered some rather social ducks.  A lovely couple swam right over to us, probably more for the promise of food than our sparkling personalities.  But, we didn’t have any food, an Ms. Duck got a little excited.  When we walked away, she even hopped up on the sidewalk!  Kinda scary…

Whoa.  Aggressive.

Then, just some Ode to DC shots!

There are some cherry blossoms at least (found not in the tidal basin, but in Foggy Bottom):

Finally, Success!

Have a good week 🙂


2 responses to “Workout Round up!!!

  1. Yosef says:

    Cool post. 3 days off tho!! Be careful! The longer speed workouts will do more for you than almost anything else (aside from tempo). Keep up the good training and you will CRUSH the 10-k with ease. Good luck training this week!

    • 😛 about the days off. Yes, I’ve been slacking on the cross training the last 2 weeks. Things have just been a little crazy in my life! But, I’m still getting in my four planned running workouts which is key! And thanks for the words of encouragement 🙂

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