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on March 7, 2012

Saturday, Heaven was brought down to earth in the form of Chocolate.  All types of Chocolate.  Solid, molten, salted, sweetened, candies, coatings, and much, much more.  It was FABULOUS.

Every year, Fairfax City hosts a Chocolate Lover’s Festival in early March.  This will be my second year in attendance, but I plan on making it a yearly requirement.

Without further adieu, I shall guide you through the wondrous events and fantastical affairs.

The morning (ish…) begins with a pancake breakfast hosted at the Fire House.  This eases you in to the chocolate festivities with just a few chocolate chips to tickle your taste buds in plain pancakes.  But, if you’re ready to get the ball rolling, the tables are adorned with plenty of chocolate syrup to dress your pancakes.

Within an instant it seems, the pancakes have disappeared!  Washed down with apple sauce, and we’re on our way to more Chocolate wonderment.

Next big stop, what I’d like to call the Hall of Chocolate.  It’s in what used to be the town hall (I think, the chocolate didn’t do much for my perception), and the whole thing, two full floors, are filled with varied forms of chocolate and chocolate venders galore.

First up, survey the landscape.  Yup, gotta walk through, gauge products, prices, and priorities.  Can’t waste pogs (only pogs are accepted as currency, purchased for $1 each outside) on something when there are more fabulous items waiting to be discovered.  Pictured: Just floor 1!

Next, we’re on our way for our own personal gastronomical tour.

Delightful table of chocolate covered goodies.  A must have to save up pogs for.  Graham crackers, pretzels, pretzel rods, peanut butter mounds, toffee bars (all in white, milk, and dark of course) and a wide assortment of truffles.  MANY walk by’s and decisions were made about this particular stand.

Note: Can’t turn the picture, but trust me, it’s worth turning your head.

Next up: Fudge.  1 pog for 5 tastes?!  Um, is it even possible to say no?  Our choices: Peanut butter, Rocky Road, salted nut (for me, love my salt!), mint, and turtle.  Solid.

Good size tastes – legitimate two-biters.

Next, whilst waiting to go upstairs for the chocolate fountain. (O.M.G.) I saw a sign.  Chocolate cotton candy?  Hmm, not so sure.  1 pog?  Survey says: Gotta try it.

Interesting.  I mean, we were obviously malnourished at this point and need of subsistence for the LONG (about 2 and a half minutes) wait to get upstairs.  Definitely interesting, and a fun contrast to the heavier choices!

Finally upstairs, lots of vendors and interesting chocolates.  Winner:  Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!  Now, my partner in crime was doubly sold at this stand.  1.  It’s from his pseudo home state of Colorado (parents live there now), and 2.  Caramel Apples.  He’s a sucker for those things!  Super yum.

Now.  I must caution you all.  Do not lick your computer screen, it doesn’t taste good.  But, what you are about to see, is the most decadent, delicious, delightful, devilish, daring, and altogether dangerous form of chocolate you can find.  AChocolate. Fountain. If you haven’t ever seen/used one, you need to.  Right now.  You just dip things (rice krispies, strawberries, bananas, creme puffs, etc), in molten chocolate.  Dear. God.

Oh yeah folks.  We went full sized on that picture. Wow.

So, after this indescribable experience, we were off to apartment hunt.  About an hour and a half later, we went to the Chocolate Auction, where both amateurs and professionals create Chocolate art pieces.  Here were my favorites:

It’s so cool what people can do with chocolate.  Just proves that an artist can use any medium and still create a masterpiece 🙂

So by this point, we obviously felt the need to go back to the Chocolate Hall, for the fountain.  Again.  Did you miss it?  Here it is.

And the end result:

Ahh.  Day well spent.  Until next year Chocolate Festival, I’ll miss you.

So there ya go folks, running with rewards indeed 🙂



  1. Yosef says:

    Hilarious post. Really fun to read and great pics!! Also like to point out that you can see the opposite side of chocolate in the giant fountain shot. And…yes. I did lick my screen.

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