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Workout Roundup and New Shoes

on February 5, 2012

Happy February!  Starting off strong, and with a time trial.  Race season is coming up sooo, gotta get on top of it!

Monday: LSD – 7 miles

Felt pretty good!  Had some hair issues within the first quarter mile, but after that it was good going.  I only had to stop at the 4 mile marker.  I started out 2 miles at 6.0mph, then upped to 6.3 for 2, then 6.5 for a bit, then finished the 10K at 6.7.  After the 10K mark, I lowered it back down to 6.3 to cruise to 7 miles 🙂  Finished at 1:07:03 – a 9:34/min pace.  Not exactly olympic status but respectable for someone starting to try the longer endurance I think!

Tuesday: Cardio Interval – not so awesome.  SUPER tired and didn’t sleep the night before.

20 min elliptical, 20 min treadmill (:45 sprint/jog with 5 min w/u), 8 min row (1 mile), 8 min step machine, 10 min spin cool down (:15 stand, hard resistance, :45 sitting for speed)

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: 5K time trial – meh.

27:22.  For me, that’s actually pretty good.  8:50 average pace.  My PR was 26:48 so it’s not that far off considering I’m not training for a 5K.  But, I felt really tired and it was definitely a struggle.  Nutrition definitely has to do with it, I didn’t eat the way you should the day before a challenge like this (coworker enticed me with heavy Thai food and cookies, oops).  All in all, it’s still important to do time trials to measure gains, so hopefully the next one I’ll break 27!

Afterwards I did a little lifting, I did:

3 rounds of 2 sets by 15 reps on the Hamstring machine, 2 rounds each of 2×20 on inner and outer abductor. (Going in sequence, one round of each at a time).

In between each machine I did one of the three: 10 frog jumps, 16 lunging jumps, 10 slow/10fast squats.  I didn’t want to do the quad machine because I totally overworked them doing Cross Fit last weekend, but I did feel like that workout neglected the other parts of the upper leg, so I wanted to hit on those a bit 🙂  Not a crazy lift because I ran out of time, but felt strong!

Friday: Yasso x 8 – made it up to 8.3 on the last one!

Saturday:  New Running shoe shopping!  Potomac River Running Company in Cleveland Park in DC. Then a 7 mile walk around D.C….in the 33 degree drizzle….but still nice with The Boy 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Started out by standing on a machine which reads the pressure when you stand.  This shows them where you need support, where your weight is, and if you pronate.

Then, hop on the treadmill so the attendant can watch you run, watch your gait, cadence, pronation etc.  This store has a camera at foot level, so you can see how your feet strike and how it looks when you run, which was totally trippy.  Turns out I land on the outside of my foot, but my ankle pronates inward.  Oops.

Then, I tried on a bunch of pairs of shoes and ran in each on the treadmill to feel them out.  I wanted a transition shoe, something between a neutral and more minimal, but dude in the store was trying to get me into a stability shoe (because of the pronation and my really high arches).  This caused a bit of a conflict!

I would up going back to the Mizuno Wave Rider, which I used to get every time (I’ve had about 6 of them prior to this), but I went with Brooks last time because Mizuno up and changed their model and it sucked.  But, they changed it back so I decided to give it another go!  Though I still kinda wish I had gone more minimal.  I’ll try them out this week, may still change my mind 🙂

Sunday: Swim

10 x 1o0 y (anywhere between 30 and 90 seconds off in between) – average of 2:13.35 per set (best-2:04)

5 sets, then 150y kick board (25×25 free style and breast stroke), 5 sets, 150y kick



Total: 2000 yards, about 1830 m, which is about 1.1mi

So, now it’s time to talk a bit about pool etiquette.  I swim at a local D.C. pool.  Typically, on a Sunday morning, it’s pretty busy and they have the pool configured by 25y, which means the lanes semi-comfortably fit 2 people.  But, when it gets so full, proper etiquette dictates allowing 3 and doing circle swim.  I don’t dig circle swim, especially because my pace is varied and it’s just annoying.

Solution-be a complete jerk.  Yeah, that’s right, I’m totally selfish.  I train with The Boy, and we share a lane.  He stays on his side and goes all fast, I stay on my side and go my pace.  People politely walk to the end of your lane, and wait until you finish to ask if they can jump in.  What do I do?  A. Ignore them.  B. Keep swimming so they get frustrated and move on.  C. They get in, and The Boy’s fast pace intimidates them into leaving.  Not my typical M.O., I’m normally much more polite I swear!

But when I’m swimming, I just want to do my own thing.  I don’t want to worry about going too fast or too slow or getting passed.  And, two people in a lane is already a bit snug.  Put in the pressure of swimming straight and my polite nature goes out the window and I practice awkward avoidance and rudeness.  Oops.  It’s horrible, I know, but what can ya do!  I got a good workout in 😉

Anyway, Happy Super Bowl!  Hope you enjoyed, and stay tuned for another office lunch recipe!


2 responses to “Workout Roundup and New Shoes

  1. Yosef says:

    Whoever snapped those pics deserves some sorta award. Wow. Like how big you have ’em now! Tough workouts this week. May want to ease back a bit this week to let your body recover. Funny about the swim etiquette, totally agree sharing goes out the window there.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow, nice shoes. Great that you posted your running pics,too…..I want to try the vegan pancakes. Sound too good to be healthier than the ones I eat.

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