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Workouts and Power foods!

on January 28, 2012

Monday: LSD – tried the 10K again with way better results.  First, I mastered the slow part, kept my heart rate in the low 160s for almost 4 miles.  Then, I increased the speed just a bit for mile 5, and then cranked it for the last .2, which obviously boosted my heart rate into the 170s.  Still, I was pleased with my patience 🙂  Might also have to do with the fact that it was 6am and I wasn’t exactly awake or needing to go anywhere anyway!

So how slow is slow?  Well, Ran the 10K in about 59 minutes.  Yikes.  Good starting point though!

I ran at my apartment complex so I could make myself a smoothie for breakfast:


Half cup frozen mixed fruit (mango, peach, strawberry)

Half cup frozen berries (raspberries, blueberries, strawberries)

Half cup light vanilla soy milk

1/2 tbs flax, 1/2 tbs psyllium husk

Because the berries are so naturally sweet, I didn’t need to add vanilla this time.  I also chose to nix the spinach because I planned on having a spinach salad for lunch 🙂


Tuesday:  Interval – Elliptical, Treadmill interval (:45 sprint/jog), stationary row, step machine, cool down 10 min bike

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Hills

Didn’t particularly want to wake up.  I’m noticing a midweek pattern here!  Wed and Thurs seem to be hardest for me to get up…I’m open to ideas if anyone can think of how to fix that!

Gotta admit my nutrition hasn’t been great and that is probably affecting my fatigue levels.  Despite the power foods listed below, I’ve also been eating lots of junk :/  Gotta stop that!

The increasing portion of the Hill ladder went well, I felt tired on the hills but the flats were okay.  I had to run to the bathroom before the 7% interval, and when I came back, I had lost my mojo.  Just felt really tired and heavy.  Managed to finish on an 8% though! I ended with a total of 4 miles so I feel good that I got it in, even if it wasn’t the best!

Friday: Yasso’s – still the fav.  Did 8 this time, last one at 8.0!  Almost died, but worth it 🙂

Saturday:  Cross fit.  First time!  My gym was offering a class, so I figured, what the heck, good weekend workout and I need more cross training.

The format was this: 19 exercises of 28 reps each.  Why so random?  A girl in the class chose to celebrate her birthday with her normal crossfit crew.  She was turning 19, on the 28th of January.  My first thought: She really couldn’t have been born on the 10th? lol

Warm up .5mi run, then 7 exercises.  Lots of variations of squats, push ups, etc.  Also the rope whip which is when you try to whip this GINORMOUS rope up and down in the air.  Check this out around :30. Ow.

The ab exercise was hanging yourself in the bicep holds and bringing your knees to your elbows-really hard.  Video of a WAY more intense version.

Oh and burpees.  Burpees are when you put your hands on the ground, jump your feet back, jump back to your hands, and stand up.  What’s that you say?  Add in a bicep press?  Again, why is this girl born on the 28th… See a Burpee Here!

.45mi run, then 6 exercises. Pull ups.  Hmm, can’t do one.  Alternative-you hang on to these ropes with handles that are attached to the wall, angle your body so your feet are closer to the wall and you’re leaning back, and pull yourself up to the handles.  Pretty cool actually.

Then the kettle bells, oh yes.  Those things that look like they actually belong on a farm somewhere.  Squat and swing them above your head.  Seen Here.

Then throw a medicine ball at the wall, catch it, squat, bring it up, and throw again.  Here ya go!

.35mi run, then 6 final.  These were better, but my quads were all but done.  Burpees again, but normal ones.  Figure 8’s with the kettle bells, which looks like when a basketball player weaves the ball back and forth between their legs.  Similar to this but without lifting up.  Look about 30 seconds in.

Then Duckies.  Huh?  Oh, take a 20 pound ball and walk like a duck, meaning, really squating down.  Hard way to end.  Like this, but with a 20 pound medicine ball.

All in all, good weekend workout.  I was glad it included some running, it not only ups your heart rate but it totally loosened the muscles that were crying out.  I wish there had been some more hamstring/glut work, it seemed solely focused on the quads.  I think it’s one of those things that the better you are at it, the harder it is.  So, as a novice, it wasn’t that hard, but I also had no clue what I was doing.

Shout out to my Uncle Tony who has been doing Crossfit for a while now, hope its going well!  I definitely think muscle confusion and high intensity training is the best way to tone up and have fun 🙂

Sunday: Planned day off.  Of working out, and life.  SO needed and SO excited!


This post is already WAY longer than anticipated, so stay tuned for More Power Foods from this week 🙂



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