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Workouts for the Week

on January 22, 2012

Decent workout week.  The week started strong with an LSD, then a lovely day off.  Then work was really exhausting and I wasn’t in the best of moods, and skipped Wednesday too 😦 But, back on track Thursday morning!

Monday: LSD – really hard first 3 miles.  Perhaps I had overdone it the previous 2 days of hard work….either way I felt like I was suffocating.  I stepped off, took a deep breath, and removed a VERY heavy top layer.  Second three miles were way better!  I wound up doing a 10K which was slightly more than planned.

I have to keep reminding myself I’ve only been back working out about a month and a half, and being injured for 2 months really set me back.  I also have to remember that Long SLOW Distance is called that for a reason.  Even though I’m slower than your average bear in general, that doesn’t matter.  I should be paying attention to my heart rate which should not be in the 180s like it was.  Gotta just slow down and be patient!  Oh motto of my life…

Tuesday: Planned day off

Wednesday: Lazy day off – sometimes, ya just can’t wake up! (And proceed to curse at the alarm clock…)

Thursday: Hills – same as last week except I did my last hill at 8% just to challenge myself. 4.5 miles

Friday: Yassos – Felt okay, still my favorite workout of the week.  Wound up doing 5 miles total, did a last .25 at 8.0/8.3 speed!  That’s like lightening for me…don’t judge 🙂

Saturday: Pilates and abs (easy day)

Sunday: Swim (25 yard pool)

  • 50 y warm up
  • 6 x 100y – around 2:15
  • 100y kick board
  • 4 x 100y
  • 300y – around 2:30 per 100m
  • 50 y cool down
  • Total: 1600 yards = 1463 m which is a couple laps short of a mile.

I don’t get to swim enough, so I always really enjoy it!  It’s so peaceful and calming.  And my lungs don’t have nearly the trouble I do with running so it’s nice 🙂

On to the Rewards, good eats this weekend!  After spending the cold ice-y day at Dave and Busters (adult arcade!), it was time to get some food.  For the record-I’m pretty good at trivia, awesome at gun games (which makes NO sense considering I hate guns, consider myself a pacifist and I’m a vegetarian…guess I’m just good at it in virtual reality), and decent at car games, though I used to be better.  Also, I learned it’s creepy when adults case the Mario Kart game waiting for it to be open…and the users were all under the age of 5.  Oops.

Anyway, since we were in Rockville, which is rare, we took the opportunity to go to a vegetarian restaurant I’ve been wanting to try  – The Vegetable Garden.  So happy I tried it!  It’s mainly Asian food, but also has some variety.

Started off with the Tomato Spinach Soup.  Figured it would be some sort of puree…nope.  Broth with spinach and tomatoes.  But the broth was divine, so good!  It’s not often you can get a really flavorful broth.  Also it was a light soup so it didn’t ruin my appetite 🙂

Then, I was feeling adventurous and figured Asian vegetarian food is pretty easy to come by, so I ordered a gyro.  Plus, the smells wafting by of fried food at Dave and Busters left me with a serious french fry craving!

Verdict: TOTAL WIN.  It was so yummy! Great flavor, moist, chewy, and well balanced with some lettuce and tomato inside.  So yummy in fact, that despite “sharing” both this and the other entree…I definitely ate my portion…and a good amount of the Boy’s as well.  Oh well, he didn’t mind too much!

The Boy ordered Hunan Beef.  I wasn’t as in love with this one, because ironically, it tasted to beefy.  Too authentic for me!  Still though, it was a good dish.

I definitely would love to work my way through this menu!  Tons of options, varied Asian fair (mainly Chinese but some Thai and Vietnamese thrown in), and some interesting deserts.  No desert for us though, we’d already been enticed by Mrs. Fields…lady knows how to make a good cookie.  Milk Chocolate Chip and White Chocolate Macadamia – better at sharing this time 😉

All in all good weekend 🙂  Stay tuned for my favorite D.C. restaurants, as requested by a reader!


3 responses to “Workouts for the Week

  1. Yosef says:

    I see some rewards in the form of cookies!! Swimming is great fun, I’m glad you enjoy it. Looks like you’re inching closer and closer to a bona fide triathlete…

  2. Now if only someone wanted to just bestow a road bike upon me… 😉
    Honestly, I’m not opposed to triathlons, I think they’d be fun. My problem is mainly the upfront investment and my lack of current resources!

  3. Anonymous says:

    “… started strong with an LSD… ?” Oh my… the very idea of combining strenuous physical activity with acid… oh my… Never mind… you must be in the healthy generation. Great workout though!!! ;-)))

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