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2012 Race Schedule

on January 12, 2012

This is just a start <hopefully!>.  I always need motivation to get me out of bed in the morning, and races are the perfect way to do that.  No one wants to run a bad race right?  As I mentioned earlier, I’m just getting back in to the swing of things after an injury, so my plan is to start with a 5K.

I PR’d in a 5K last summer, so the pressure is on.  I ran in the Baltimore Women’s Classic, which was on June 26, 2011.

My Stats for that race:

Time:  26:48     Pace:  8:38     Place:  215/2689   Age Group:  49/459

That was a great race for me, I was really proud of my time!
Plus, it’s a great cause and I’d like to do it again this year with the girls I ran it with last year 🙂

So, without further Adieu, my projected race schedule:

Race Location Date Distance
<Tentative> Kelly St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Baltimore, MD March 11, 2012 5K
Pike’s Peak Rockville, MD April 29, 2012 10K
Baltimore Women’s Classic Baltimore, MD June 24, 2012 5K
Virginia Beach Rock and Roll Virginia Beach, VA September 2, 2012 Half Marathon
Jingle All the Way Washington, D.C. December 9, 2012 10K


Run more 10Ks.  I feel like it could be my race!  5K is just so hard for me to keep up a high speed for that distance.  I think maybe if I could slow down  a bit, I could last longer.  We’ll see!

Run a half marathon.  Alright, 2 years ago I thought this was nuts.  But, everyone wants that stupid bumper sticker right?  If I’m gonna do it, it’s going to need to be a Rock and Roll, I need the entertainment to get through 13.1 miles.  I wanted to do the inaugural DC Rock and Roll (used to just be the National Marathon but Rock and Roll bought it), but I won’t be ready :/  The Virginia Beach one is at a great time, and it’s on the beach.  Sounds like a winner!


That’s all for now, stay tuned for yummy weekend eats 🙂


2 responses to “2012 Race Schedule

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great start to a fun blog to read, Ashley. It looks as if you have some fun events planned. Kudos to you for training and tackling these events. Good luck and have fun. Hugs, Jan

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