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Cardio workout and a simple dinner

on January 10, 2012

This morning I did a varied cardio interval.  I tend to get running-centric in training, so it’s good to change it up!

I did the elliptical for 20 minutes, treadmill for about 30, rowed a mile and didn’t quite have time to make it for the 10 minute cool down on the bike.  Next time!

The treadmill time was spent with intervals.  5 min warm up, then 7 minutes of :45 at 6.5pmh, :45 at 7.5.  Then walk up hill for 2 min, then repeat, with the higher interval at 7.7.  Once I reached 2 miles, I ran the third at a steady pace.  The goal is to keep the higher interval increasing a bit each week 🙂  Plus, I love rowing and it’s my main source of upper body exercise so I like to get that in as well.

As to dinner, after my soup endeavor, I wanted something simple.  I bought some smoked marinated tofu last time I was at Wegmans aka heaven on earth. If you haven’t been to one, Go. Now. It has every type of food you could ever want.  TONS of vegetarian and vegan options, but also TONS of deliciously-not-healthy-but-no-one-cares-foods, and their freshly prepared hot foods span the globe (seriously, I’ll have Pad Thai next to some Panang next to a piece of pizza and mac and cheese).  So delicious!  I especially love their bourbon tofu my parents like to get for me!

Anyway, as you can see I’m easily distracted by discussing food.

So back to dinner.

I had some leftover broccoli from the soup.  (PS Broccoli really should have two L’s right?).  I just steamed it in the handy steamer thingy I stole from my mom gave to me.  It’s awesome.  Not sure how old it is, but it works like a charm.  Put about a half inch of water in the pot, then put in the contraption and the vegetables, cover, and Wa La!  4 minutes later you have bright green deliciously cooked broccoli.

As to the Tofu, since it was preflavored, I only added a few seasonings.  Garlic is always necessary, and for some reason, my curry called out to me.  This was a mistake…curry does not go well with smoked flavor.  Lesson Learned.    Anyway, I just cut the tofu in cubes and sauteed it with some Pam until some of the edges were crispy.  This is when I also try the super cool pan-wrist flip you see on TV to mix the tofu around.  I’m getting better…but there are certainly a few rogue tofu bites that go flying!

Nutrition: Who say’s you can’t get enough protein as a vegetarin!  10g in one serving and only 100 calories.  Win.

Final Product:


I wouldn’t buy this tofu again.  I didn’t like the smoked flavor, it seemed to artificial and frankly, I like my own seasoning better!


6 responses to “Cardio workout and a simple dinner

  1. Conor says:

    Anything looks good to me after a tough workout. I think you’re asking if brocoli should have (sic) two l’s…..just sayin ;). Also it’s only 98% Organic so basically it’s a poser. Props to you for making yourself this stuff after such a tough day!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Entertaining, creative, informative, well-written, and clever… is there anything you don’t do well? You very much remind me of my daughter…

  3. […] used the same technique as last time I made tempeh, and the steamer thingy made a come back for the green […]

  4. […] used the same technique as last time I made tempeh, and the steamer thingy made a come back for the green […]

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